21 Cool New Ways to Shoot Your Wedding Couple Portraits

Wedding portraits have almost become a tradition, what with most couples spending a huge chunk of their Indian wedding budget on making sure a top notch photographer helps them slay their wedding years after it actually happens. Yes, we’re talking about the classic couple portrait, these days an absolute must at an Indian wedding!

If you’re looking for inspiration to make your big day one to frame, look no further. We give you 21 novel ways to rock that couple portrait.

1. Show Off a Little. It’s your big day! And you’ve probably spent a bomb on couture, so why not show it off? Try poses that focus on your gorgeous lehenga, saree or gown, but don’t forget the groom’s sherwani!


Photography by Cupcake Productions

just the outfits - cupcake

Photography by Cupcake Productions

2. A candid moment showing the rebellious side of either the groom or the bride, or both. We love how the chemistry comes out in these stunning pictures - more couples should try it!

bride on bike - the wedding story 2

couple on bike

Photography by The Wedding Story

3. The Coy bride pose! Even if you aren't one, this one is going to come out naturally well - so just for the shutterbugs! 

coy bride pose - cupcake

Photography by Cupcake Productions

4. Dance Dance Baby! The first dance a couple share after they are officially married is, needless to say, a rare and special moment that signifies a new beginning. In other cases, that is when the bride and groom let go of all their inhibitions and dance the night away- literally! Our advice? Capture this moment. Instead of being super poised, let the rhythm guide you.

dancing- wedding story

Photography by The Wedding Story

5. Looking into each other's eyes and letting the dupatta fly high in the air is something that only professional photographers can achieve with finesse. Picture Perfect!

dupatta in air - weddings by ankit

Photography by Weddings by Ankit

6. If nothing else works for you, just laugh! It might not be a novel idea, but your smiling faces on the day will be a hundred percent original happiness. Capture it.

just laughs - banga

Photography by Banga Studios

7. Here’s your chance to channel your inner desire of having a Star Wars or Batman themed photo-op. Come on, we know you’ve always wanted one. Strike a pose against your themed photo-op and shine!

photo op - a fist full of bolts

8. You and your partner lighting up a lantern and flying it high in the sky together on your wedding day - sounds dreamy? So, put this one on your list!

flying a lantern - mahima bhatia

Photography by Mahima Bhatia Photography

9. Who can say no to flowers? Use them! There’s nothing like a portrait that will make you smile years down the line.

with flowers - wedding crashers

Photography by The Wedding Crashers

10. A coochy coo pose can never go wrong! Show that you love each other and are happy to be getting married.

couchie coo - wedding story

Photography by The Wedding Story

11. Say it with a hug! Feel the warmth and be all out for each other. Your wedding is finally happening. 

Hugging - Tasneem Alsultan

Photography by Tasneem Alsultan

12. Follow me! Doesn't this one look so magical! Take your bride by holding her hand to the wedding venue and be sure to frame one photograph!

follow me - cupcake

Photography by Cupcake Productions

13. Don't forget a closeup shot of your jewels as it is a refreshingly new idea! 

jewel closeup cupcake

Photography by Cupcake Productions

14. How about a galaxy of your own, framed on your big day? This has been created by an LED stick and is a sure thing to do on your Indian wedding as well. 

led light stick to make galaxy - weddings by ankit

Photography by Weddings by Ankit

15. Another super cute idea! Both of you get your shoes in a single frame and get them photographed in an adorable way!

shoes - weddings by akint

Photography by Weddings by Ankit

16. A must-have couple shot that looks extremely ROMANTIC. Have your eyes set on each other and stand in front of the mirror. The outcome would be awesome. 

looking into the mirror - coolbluez

Photography by CoolBluez 

17. Nothing beats the gorgeousness of a TWIRLING Bride on the wedding day! This one's our all-time favorite. 

twirl - the wedding story

Photography by The Wedding Story

18. A fun couple portrait with the groom kissing the bride! Make sure her smile reaches the eyes!

stealing a kiss - mahima

Photography by Mahima Bhatia 

19. Who can say NO to a portrait with fairy lights in the backdrop!

with the fairy lights - the wedding salad

Photography by The Wedding Salad

20. Add colours and vibrancy to your photos with the band baaja! Ditch the usual message boards and try these fun props!

With band baaja - Ganesh Hegde

Photography by Ganesh Hegde

21. Did you go 'aww' looking at this portrait like we did? Of-course you need such fun and playful photographs in your wedding album!

cheeky pose - wedding story

Photography by The Wedding Story

Discuss these refreshing new couple portrait ideas with your photographer for the big day!

couple portrait

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