500 Year Anniversary of the Yucatan, Cancun and Riviera Maya First Contact!

On this day (March 4) in the year 1517, the first European expedition to explore the Yucatan Peninsula landed off the coast of Cancun on Isla Mujeres. There is a statue on Isla Mujeres to commemorate this historic event. The expedition was headed by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba. He and his people made first contact with the incredible Mayan civilization.


To celebrate the 500 anniversary of this historic event, IndianWeddingSite.com wants to send one very lucky couple to the Yucatan Peninsula for an all expense paid Indian wedding -- their own Indian wedding.

This contest will be for our engaged couples residing in North America, who want to get married at a four star all-inclusive resort in Mexico. At least one member of the couple needs to be a resident of Canada or USA.


The wedding will be an Indian style wedding with Indian decor and will officially launches in April. We will provide full details in April when we formally launch the contest. We suggest you use the heads up to figure out why you believe you deserve the free Indian wedding on the beaches of paradise.

You need to capture the essence of your love story on film, either in a video or images. You will then use your IndianWeddingSite.com account to upload your submission for our audience to cast their votes for their favorite contestant.

The Sun, the Sand, and the Surf. Here is a video that will give you a sneak peak of where you’ll have a chance to tie the knot with your lover.

Mayan culture in the Yucatan Peninsula pre-dates the arrival of the Spanish by thousands of years. In fact, it was on the Yucatan Peninsula that the oldest human remains in the Americas were found at Naharon.

The skeleton, named Eva, is estimated to be 136,000 years old. According to Arturo González, the director of the Desert Museum in Saltillo, Mexico, and the lead archaeologist of this project, the bone structure of the skeleton is more consistent with that of people from Southern Asia.

Wait, did I read that right -- an actual archaeologist claims that south Asians were in Mexico over a hundred thousand years ago! Well, I suppose that’s just another great reason to celebrate Indian style in Riviera Maya in 2017.

While you are there, leave enough time to visit Chichen Itza, the site of the historic Mayan pyramids. Chichen Itza will take you back in time, giving you a sense of the rich history of the locals (who just happen to make up the majority of the employees working at the Riviera Maya and Cancun resorts).


So start writing the script to your own love story and make plans to capture it digitally so you to have a chance to win a FREE dream destination wedding in the Cancun / Riviera Maya at one of our partner resorts!

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To celebrate the 500 anniversary of the Yucatan, Cancun and Riviera Maya First Contact, IndianWeddingSite.com wants to send one very lucky couple to the Yucatan Peninsula for an all expense paid Indian wedding -- their own Indian wedding.

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