South Indian Wedding Ideas Totally Worth Stealing

If you’ve ever attended a full-fledged South Indian wedding, you probably know how drastically different they are from our run-of-the-mill North Indian weddings. There’s the heavy influence of everything rustic and organic and floral, not to forget the bride’s gorgeous kanjeevarams and gold neck pieces layered over each other. Though every wedding is different, there is an overarching warmth that envelops South Indian weddings, making them an event worth cherishing.

If you are open to some trespassing, here are some crazy ideas we took from South Indian weddings just to show how cool they are. You can totally own these, with a little help from your wedding planner, of course!

1. Mandap Madness

Move over mandaps made of fairy lights and roses, a lot of South Indian weddings use mandaps made entirely out of flowers! Since most South Indian weddings happen during the day, flowers serve as the perfect decor. Jasmines with a hint of marigold at the pillars can make for a dreamlike ivory mandap.

wedding decor - pixel story

Pixel Story Photography

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2. Kanjeevaram It!

If there’s one thing we cannot forgo about South Indian weddings, it’s the gorgeous kanjeevaram silk sarees that our desi brides rock! In fact, if you’re willing to take it up a notch, pair your kanjeevaram with some neck pieces in gold, along with earrings that match. And don’t forget the flowers in your hair!

Varun Suresh

Varun Suresh Photography


Makeover by Ramya

3. Rustic Peace

We finally got around to knowing why South Indian weddings have such a rustic feel about them- it’s the decor! From intricately hand painted earthen pots to hold flowers, to the excessive use of marigold, jasmine and roses, South Indian weddings totally nail the rustic feels. You could consider getting a rangoli made out of flowers, or having a more earthen decor.

The Cheesecake Project

The Cheesecake Project

 Dhanika Choksi - decor

 Dhanika Choksi Photography

decor- Anushree Gavas

Anushree Gavas Photography

4. Here She Comes

In some South Indian weddings, the bride enters on a palanquin flanked by her brothers and uncles. The palanquin is heavily decorated with- you guessed it- jasmines! You can, of course, experiment a little- go with roses instead, and see how everyone’s faces light up with the fragrant entry!

Savitha Patil Photography

Savitha Patil Photography

5. A Welcome Meal

This is another favourite- have your guests served meals as they sit on a carpet on the floor, with the food served on banana leaves! Try and serve authentic rasam and light snacks like idlis, as is the way down South, and there goes a meal they will never forget. 


6. Flower Rangoli

South Indian weddings are incomplete without gorgeous flower rangolis. From the smallest occasion back at home to something as grand as a wedding, they need to have their outdoors and indoors decorated with flower rangolis. 

rangoli -  Dhanika Choksi

Dhanika Choksi Photography

Varun Suresh Photography - rangoli

Varun Suresh Photography

7. Gold Jewellery (Layered)

South Indians love for gold isn't something that is not know. They love gold, especially temple jewellery. In fact the brides layer all the jewels with perfection. 

Smoke weddings

Smoke Weddings Photography

If you are open to some trespassing, here are some crazy ideas we took from South Indian weddings just to show how cool they are.


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