Most Gorgeous Entrances at the Indian Weddings

You know the moment you can own your wedding? When you can walk in like the showstopper of a Sabyasachi showcase, decked up in your ethnic, regal best? It’s your grand entrance, of course!

While you may be paying attention to a hundred other things right not, like the menu and decor, and whether a carnation would overdo a bouquet of orchids or not, here’s one tiny little detail you might be stashing away (much to our despair!) for the last minute: the moment you enter the wedding. This is the moment all eyes are on you, so make sure you spend a while thinking about it. Do you want the elaborate chunari held by your uncles and brothers flanking you, or do you want to stray from the conventional and ride in on a motorbike with those shades on! And believe us, couples who have made grand entrances at their weddings have us swooning over how gorgeous they look together.

P.S. Keep your speed dial ready, you’d want to ring your wedding decorator when you’re done reading this!

1. A Burst of Colors to Pop 

a burst of colors to pop - The A-Cube Project

The A-Cube Project

2. Fabric Entrance with Contrasting Decor

fabric entrance with big pots - the girl in pink

The Girl in Pink

3. Fairylights Entrancefairylights - Wishtree Weddings

Wishtree Weddings

4. Genda Phool Entrance 

genda phool entrance - witty vows

Witty Vows

5. Icy Blue Pastel Doors  

icy blue pastel doors - The Cheesecake Project cutest

The Cheesecake Project

6. Personalized Gate Setup

personalised gate - 

7. Paper Tree Entry

paper tree- The Wedding Designers

The Wedding Designers

8. Wild Flowers Entryway

Wild flowers entry -

9. Floral Waterfall

wed  luxe - floral waterfall

Wed Luxe

10. Dreamy Forest Arch Entry

Dreamzkraft - forest arch dreamy


11. Vintage Doors and Windows

vintage doors and windows - Rakesh Prakash Photography

Rakesh Prakash Photography

So if you are considering making a grand entrance at your wedding, look no further. With a little help from your wedding decorator, you can give your audience an entrance they will remember. 

Keep your speed dial ready, you’d want to ring your wedding decorator when you’re done with this list of amazing wedding entrances.

vintage doors and windows - Rakesh Prakash Photography

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