Decor Trends: Cute Ways To Use Genda Phool In Wedding Decor

The genda phool, or marigold, has long been hailed as one of the most auspicious flowers in Indian traditions. The gorgeous orange flowers of the sunflower family is commonly seen at weddings, prayer meetings and birth anniversaries. The flower is pretty and cheerful, and we’d love to see more of it in Indian weddings! Despite the way roses and orchids have flooded the markets as of now, the genda remains one of the most versatile- and frankly, our favourite- when it comes to the big fat Indian wedding. Here’s how you can incorporate it into your wedding ceremony!

1. Table Centerpiece

We’ve always counted on flowers to make for amazing table centerpieces- and God knows table centerpieces are a must at mehendi ceremonies. They liven the entire place up, and are our go-to for a bright, jovial mehendi ceremony. To incorporate genda phools into the table centerpiece, think rustic pots for an earthy feel, or shallow glass bowls for a slightly more formal affair. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the genda phool!

soulmateconcepts- centrepiece

Soulmate Concepts

centerpieces - the story weavers

The Story Weavers

2. Bride’s Jhoola

The bride usually sits on a swing during the mehendi ceremony. It allows for the mehendi on her arms and feet to dry off without any hassles. Think long strands of marigolds in yellow and orange flanking the swing. We also dig the idea of the floor under her being covered in the flower!

alankritevents - jhoola

Alankrit Events

storiesbyjosephradhik - jhoola

Stories By Joseph Radhik

3. Entrance

Of course, the entrance is one of the most common places for carnations to be displayed at a wedding. The entrance makes for a spectacular show, which is why we suggest you use your marigolds in the right place! Get your planner or decorator to show you some ideas as to how you can incorporate marigolds into the mehendi ceremony.

Dhanika - entrance

Dhanika Choksi Photography


Stallion Events

4. Hangings

This is where we get real honest. We absolutely love the idea of a genda-themed mehendi ceremony! The flower sits perfectly with the ceremony and can be played around with, thanks to it's versatility. In fact, we suggest the bride play around with the flower and incorporate it into her attire- as part of her hairdo, maybe?!

Dhanika Clicks - hanging

Dhanika Choksi Photography

Morvi Images- Hangings

Morvi Images

5. Quirky Rides

This is not a new one but it definitely has become a vintage sort! No trendy indian mehendi/sangeet decor is complete without a quirky rickshaw or scooter setup with genda phools, just for a couple photoshoot. 

storiesbyjosephradhik - ride

Stories By Joseph Radhik

6. Mehendi Stage

Take boring decor to fab one with genda phools! Even for gharwalla functions, a stage setup with genda flowers can do the needful! Just a couple of photo frames and other elements that pop out can make all the difference!

Sangeet stage

7. Photo Booth

Want a cool photobooth for your wedding functions? Well a lifesize genda phool specs hanging from a tree is all that you need! 

shivsharmaphotography - photobooth

Shiv Sharma Photography

8. Installations

Play with different installations made from genda phool like a ball, tree, or peacock to make your wedding functions stand out! Quirky and attractive - that's what you want! 

ombrebyhj - installation










divineventss floral installation


9. Wedding Confetti

Give these to your guests at the entry and see the difference it makes!

shor_sharaba_shaadi- wedding confetti

Shor Sharaba Shaadi

10. Ring Platter

Oh so cute!

tuhinachopraphotoworks - ring platter

Tuhina Chopra Photoworks


Here’s how you can incorporate genda phools into your wedding ceremony!

storiesbyjosephradhik - ride

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