Easy Ways to Make Your Parents Happy on Your Wedding Day

You know you’re truly desi when your parents are the most emotionally volatile people on your wedding day! It’s true. Every Indian parent dreams of seeing their little one fly out of the nest and land their own. It’s the start of a new journey for you, but for them it’s a rollercoaster of emotions!

So in order to make them see how much you appreciate all that they’ve done for you, we suggest you do a little something for them! It might be your wedding day, but it’s as important to them- if not more. Here are some easy ways you can make their day!

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The Royal Affair

1. Get Them Something Meaningful

You know your parents- get them something that shows them you love them! It could be a tiny personalised charm for your mother, or a bowtie you know your father will love.

2. Take Time Out

Put apart some time to just talk to them and watch them beam! We suggest you show them, before anyone else, how you look all set to get married. Caution: teary eyed parents incoming!

3. Wear Heirloom Piece

Wear your mother’s heirloom polki set! Wear those gorgeous pieces that hold sentimental value for them- it’ll show them how much you are invested in their lives as well.



4. Give a Speech

Again, a teary-eyed alternative but a fool-proof one. Raise a toast to those awesome beings!

5. Click Something Special

Click some really nice photos with them- or try and recreate photos from your childhood. While your father can’t pick you up now, we’re sure you can rock some timeless poses!

6. Put the Spotlight Right!

We suggest you go all-in with this one. What’s a wedding without a special dance? Choreographed or not, this will be a cherished memory.

7. Share Something Special

Celebrate something that holds value to you all! Whether it is the delectable biryani you all bond over, or the specific dishes your parents have cheered you up with- celebrate it!

It might be your wedding day, but it’s as important for parents- if not more. Here are some easy ways you can make their day!


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