Host a Big Fat Indian Wedding – 5 Healthy Menu Options

When it comes to Indian weddings, food is one thing all guests look forward to. But in this health conscious age of diet foods and fat-burning drinks, the typical Indian wedding fare is a turn-off for many. Lavish buffets with endless counters of unhealthy offerings are no longer what guests appreciate. If you want your wedding ceremony to be memorable, you’ll have to go beyond the regular and serve some delicious healthy food.

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So, how do you go about hosting a big fat Indian wedding? There are some interesting menu options you can explore:

#1. Tikka Counter

Let’s admit it, tikkas are always a hit in any gathering. And for those looking to eat healthy desi food, there is nothing better, or more delicious, than a big plate of tikkas. Arrange for a tikka counter where people can indulge in spiced, pit-roasted snacks that can also be consumed as dinner by those avoiding carbs. Best part is, most caterers do offer tikka counters in their dinner packages.

#2. Live Counters

Allow your wedding guests the liberty to fashion their own meals. With live counters, the room for customization is plenty and people can control the amount of veggies, spices and sauces going into their meal. You can have several types of live counters including pasta stalls, middle-eastern fare and perhaps even sushi.

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#3. Salad Bar

You might think that salads have no business being on an Indian wedding menu. But salads are in fact the only saving grace for the health conscious folk at such parties. Set up a salad bar that allows people ample choice and exotic veggies/proteins – you’ll see a surprising number of guests flock straight to it as soon as dinner is announced.

salad bar

#4. Healthy Buffet

Now there are some guests who will necessarily expect some good old rich Indian food. So, you certainly cannot eliminate the buffet at a wedding. But, you can ensure that there are some relatively healthy options in there. Make sure there are tandoori rotis, tawa subzi, plain rice, simple daal and other “home food” substitutes. Also, arrange for paan stalls for those who wish to skip heavy traditional desserts.

healthy food - Glamorous Pakistani Wedding in DC

Glamorous Pakistani Wedding in DC


#5. Healthy Drinks

Not everyone wants to sip on hard liquor, sugary cocktails/mocktails or bright, saccharine shakes/juices at weddings. What options are they left with? Simple sodas? Not too healthy either. Arrange for an assortment of healthy drinks including tea, coffee, green tea, clear soup and diet sodas as well. 

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Naman Verma Photography

Know some interesting food menu options to include in your Indian wedding for your health conscious guests.


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