Super fun invites for your Indian Destination Wedding!

Now that you have the venue selected and the guest list finalized for your dream destination wedding, it’s time to send across the invites! Whether you choose to have your invites printed or you plan to send out e-invites, you need to design fabulous invites as they will set the tone for the rest of your wedding. 

If you want your guests to have a special experience at your destination wedding, you need to pay due attention to your wedding invitations as they are the first step towards an exceptional experience. Here are a few ideas that will inspire you to create fabulous destination wedding invites that will wow your guests!

Put your wedding on a magazine cover

Who wouldn’t want to be on the cover of a magazine? Your destination wedding allows you to have some fun with your invitations and being on the cover of a magazine is just one of the many great ideas out there. Start by designing a magazine that serves as an invitation, travel guide and keepsake all in one. These magazine invites will answer all the questions relating to the wedding that your guests are bound to have. From including activities that they can enjoy at the exotic locale and itinerary for the wedding weekend to dress code, hotel pictures and travel information, you can include absolutely anything you want inside the magazine!weddingcover-invitation source:

Message in a bottle

Are you going to exchange vows with your partner at a beautiful beach? If yes, then here’s what your wedding invite can look like! Roll up your save-the-date, tie it with a tiny rope and put it in a beautiful glass bottle. You can put a little sand and a few seashells at the bottom of the bottle to give your guests a feel of the wedding you have planned for

Boarding pass invites

Who doesn’t love to travel? What better way to let your guests know that you would love to have them at your destination wedding than by sending them the invite in the form of a boarding pass! These invitations are sure to put your guests in a traveling spirit. What’s more? You can send each guest a set of multi-boarding pass cards. While the top card can have the formal invitation, the other cards can have information about the wedding events. The entire set can be held together in a boarding pass holder reminiscent of the ones you get from the

Post card invites

Wouldn’t it be great if you could send stamped post cards to your guests from the place you’re going to host your event? You can ask your wedding planner to mail the invitations from the location you have selected so that way, your invitations will have a destination postmark. This is a great option if you want to maintain the traditional feel of invitations while pushing the envelope just a bit. The only aspect that needs to be different is the shape. The design, fonts, layouts and colors can still be as classic as you want them to be!postcard-invitationssource:

Photoshoot pictures

Pre-wedding photoshoots are all the rage today and if you and your partner have got one such photoshoot done, it’s time to make use of those beautiful pictures! You can print the best couple shots you have on the front and the invitation to your wedding at the back. You can choose as many photos as you like for printing the remaining details like the travel info, things to do and other important material. What’s better? If you’ve conducted the photoshoot at the destination where you’re going to tie the knot, you can use those photos to give your invitees a sense of the locale.


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If you’re visiting a new place, you’re going to need a map. Why not print an invitation that will be of use to your guests? Choose a colour palette and treat your guests to an illustrated map of your chosen destination. You can create a logo with the initials of your partner’s name along with yours and mark interesting spots that your guests ought to visit with the logo you’ve

Passport Invitations

Passport wedding invitations are a super fun option, especially for destination weddings. To set the mood for the imminent travelling, send out an interesting passport packaged wedding invite. This is especially useful since it gives you plenty of pages to communicate every titbit of information that your guests will need. From the weekend itinerary to the map of the resort, there is no end to the possibilities that your passport invitation can include. What’s more? Not only is it a cool idea, but it also serves as a reminder to renew travel documents, if necessary.passport-invitesource:

Luggage tag invites

If you have the budget, send out a real luggage tag and insert a card with your save-the-date information and your wedding website. Since luggage tags comes in all sizes, you need to start by finding the right size for you. Once you’ve printed your invitation, you can trim the corners to make the invitation similar to a luggage tag. You can jazz up your invitations by using twine rope instead of simple white string.tag-invitations

Flag fun

How about designing a flag-themed invitation card for your destination wedding? You can either have the flag of the country you’re hosting your destination wedding at as the background of your invitation card or you can use the colors of the flag in the fonts. Whatever you do, don’t go overboard in a way that will make your invitation card illegible.


What will YOUR Indian Destination Wedding Cost?

We'll help you figure out a ballpark budget for free. Just tell us a little about yourself and your wedding by clicking HERE.

The above-mentioned creative, out-of-the-box ideas are a wonderful way to invite your guests in style and set the mood for your destination wedding.

Here are some invitation ideas to make your destination wedding more fun and set the vibe from start!


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