Dear Bride, Have You Packed These Essentials For Your Destination Wedding?

Dear bride, are you all set to fly to your destination wedding location? We understand that you have more on your mind than what will go in your bags which is why we have compiled a list of the most essential things you need to pack for your destination wedding.destination wedding 2

Knowing about the must-haves for the trip of your lifetime will help you cut stress out of your life and weight out of your luggage. The less you’ll have to lug through the airport, the happier you’ll be. Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of essentials that you need to pack for your dream destination wedding!

First things first

You don’t want to reach the airport only to realize that you forgot to pack the two most important things – your passport and the visa! Make sure you put those in first. Apart from that, you also need to pack hard copies of your plane tickets and the wedding itinerary in your carry-on bag. While you might already have soft copies for both these things, it won’t hurt to carry the printed versions as well. Make sure you pack your credit cards, travellers check and cash in a safe place in your


What will YOUR Indian Destination Wedding Cost?

We'll help you figure out a ballpark budget for free. Just tell us a little about yourself and your wedding by clicking HERE.


Your wedding dress is too important and therefore it is best to carry it with you instead of shipping it off. That aside, you’ll also need to carry dresses for the other events like the sangeet, mehendi and cocktail party that you have organized. If you have planned a welcome and farewell party for your guests, you’ll need to pack outfits for those events as well. What’s more? You’ll also need to take a few casual outfits that you can wear while you roam in and around the resort. If you’re having a beach wedding and you have water sports planned for your guests, you’ll have to pack a swimsuit with you to be able to participate along with your guests. While you’re at it, don’t forget to pack your undergarments along with your wedding night lingerie.brides outfit


Each outfit will have its own jewellery, sandals and clutch and so you need to pack the different accessories you’ll wear with each outfit. However, it’s always best to travel light even if it is for your own destination wedding. If you can, try to pick common sandals and clutches that you can share between 2-3 outfits.bridal mehndi accessories


Depending upon the weather of the location of your destination wedding, you need to carry body as well as face lotion. If you’re having a beach wedding, sunscreen is a must. Your make-up artist is bound to carry make-up products of her own, but it won’t hurt you to pack a few of your favorite lip-sticks and nail paints. You can also pack a hairspray just to be on the safe side. Your resort will provide you with shampoo and conditioner, but if you have special products for your hair that you use on a daily basis, make sure to pack those as you don’t want your hair to look frizzy or damaged on your big day. Also, make sure to throw in your lenses, nail clipper and filer as well as pain relievers.


Even if you have a professional photographer for all your events, you’ll want to carry a camera to capture more private moments in between. While you won’t be packing your cell-phone since it will be on you at all times, you’ll need to pack its charger. If you’re carrying your laptop, remember to pack its charger and any additional cords if necessary. You can even pack your headphones to use at the resort to relax your nerves. Remember to label all your devices as busy brides often tend to misplace their electronics.

Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit will be your saviour in your most crucial moments. Prepare for the worst and make sure to pack your insect repellent, Aloe Vera for sunburns, Band-Aids and antiseptic creams. Apart from medical emergencies, remember to pack a sewing kit, tampons, dental flossers, bobby pins, safety pins, energy bars, fabric tape, hand wipes, earring backs, corsage pins, tweezers, scissors, hand sanitizer, your hair straightening/curling iron and pens. While some of these things won’t come in use over the entire course of your wedding, it is smart to keep your emergency kit close at hand throughout your various wedding events. These items will help you handle any accidents or oversights that pop up on your big weekend.Weather Essentials

Wedding miscellaneous

You will need to make a separate bag consisting of the wedding favors that you will be handing out to your guests on their arrival. You will also need to pack a cake topper, seating cards and table numbers if you’re having these things customized. Also, make sure to put in copies of all vendor and resort contracts along with proof of down payment that you’ve made to the vendors. Don’t forget your wedding planning binder that contains all the details you’ve already arranged. If you’ve already had your legal ceremony, remember to pack your marriage certificate as well.sweetmeats

Packing so many different things can feel like a chore but it’s best to get started early and stay organized. Trust your family and friends who are diligent and learn to delegate important chores to them. Divide the responsibilities between you and your partner and tick off items from your list as and when you pack them. Remember, a well-prepared bride is always a radiant bride.


What will YOUR Indian Destination Wedding Cost?

We'll help you figure out a ballpark budget for free. Just tell us a little about yourself and your wedding by clicking HERE.

Are you ready to hop on the plane and tie the knot with your beloved? Here’s a quick destination wedding packing checklist to help you understand what you need to carry for your dream destination wedding!

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