How an Event Planner can do Add Value to your Indian wedding

Gone are the days when families could single handedly pull off a wedding. These days, weddings are all about trickling it down to the finest details and making sure that everything is on point, be it the decor, venue, trousseau, catering, flowers, and even timing! Forget having to take care of just the broad, big elements- weddings have now become super specialised, and it matters that every detail counts.

So when you are planning your Indian wedding, be it a boho-chic backyard one, or a classy and elegant indoor ceremony, should you consider hiring an event planner? We say yes!

Here’s what you could gain (immeasurably) from hiring a planner for that wedding:

1. You Don’t Need to Fight With Time

One of the biggest pros of hiring a wedding planner is that it allows you to enjoy the days, weeks, months leading up to your wedding without having to constantly run around dealing with vendors and arguing about rates. The time before your wedding should be just as much about relaxing, and spending quality time with your to-be spouse and their family, and you don’t want to be maxed out and exhausted before every brunch, do you?!


Planning a Destination Wedding? Here's the Help you Need

2. Maximise that Backyard Wedding!

As you probably know, these days it is all about that backyard wedding. And if you are to plan that perfect wedding keeping in mind the decor, you should know that marquee lights, candles, bouquets, and lanterns- the most common decor used in backyard events- can turn out to be pretty expensive, unless you have a planner who can maximise her way out and bag you a deal on hired decor!


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3. You Can Trust Your Creative Instinct!

You want to be creative with your wedding, but don’t know how things will end up looking? Trust your creative instinct and just go with it- if you have a seasoned wedding planner by your side, you can be rest assured your big ideas will touch the ground and, in all likelihood, be a big hit! Whether it is that solo dance you want to swoon for the cocktail party, or the slightly offbeat-bordering-whacky bouquet arrangements you have in mind, your wedding planner will be your go-to guide!

Colorblind Productions

Colorblind Productions

4. You Can Evade Hidden Costs

This, perhaps, is one of the foremost reasons the tribe of wedding planners we know across the world even exist! These days, weddings are all about the hype- but they also come packed with hidden surcharges and unnecessary costs which can offset your budget by a huge margin. Ensure your wedding planner is on the same page as you when it comes to your budget- it could help you save big-time!

Picture Art Company

Picture Art Company

5. Offload!

Lastly, if you are not great at planning, designing, and conceptualising, then a wedding planner is your go-to person! Leave all the details- big or small- for them to fine tune according to your taste. You won’t be disappointed, since you can ask for a pre-event blueprint before you settle!



Here are 5 benefits of hiring an event planner for your Indian wedding.

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