5 Hottest Blouses for Indian Brides 2018

Ever heard the adage a good blouse is a saree’s best friend? Wearing a blouse that hold together well is crucial to carry off a saree well, but it is even more important to have a blouse that’s hitting all the right buttons when it comes to the trends of the year. So if you are considering wearing a blouse for your wedding day, there are tons of options, even for those who don’t want to go all traditional with a saree and blouse.

When it comes to sultry evenings, we’re sure there’s much you’d rather do than wear a blouse that’s so heavily sequined it pulls you down, or one that’s made of a rough silk that leaves you in bruises. That’s why factoring in the weather and trends according to it are crucial when you decide to go shopping for your blouse. If you’re still in two minds about whether a blouse is your thing or not, let us convince you with the trendiest blouse ideas for the year!

1. Halters with a Neck

Halter blouses with higher-than-usual necks are making all the right waves. Versatile and chic, these add an edge to an otherwise boring outfit. While you might think these aren’t as suitable for the wedding itself, consider pairing them with a flowy skirt for the evening and you have yourself a look that’s super classy and easy to carry. Moreover, if you aren’t into lugging heavy dupattas around, simply go for a blouse that calls for attention- think prints and sequins for the night!


2. Ivory and Gold 

A blouse made in ivory with sequined gold embroidery will stand out during the day for its elegance. If you aren’t entirely sure about pulling off white at your wedding, consider this for an event that doesn’t require you to be too dressed up. The colours make for a calming combination, while the sequins add an ooze of glam to the look. Make sure you don’t overdo the makeup with this one, or you could end up with an entirely mismatched dress and makeup.


3. Long Puffy Sleeves

Blouses with long puffy sleeves are in and how! The sleeves add much needed drama to blouses that are too plain otherwise, and can be carried off with a lehenga that doesn’t call for too much attention otherwise. A plain-ish skirt with a dupatta in net and long sleeves can be the perfect look for a casual mehendi ceremony. Consider getting it made in lighter colours like ochre and your minimalist lehenga is ready!

slice of life - puffy sleeves

Slice of Life

4. Off-Shoulder Blouse

If skimpy’s the way for you, but you don’t want to be out of line, consider getting a blouse with a neck that runs off the shoulder. The bare shoulders can add just the right amount of oomph to your outfit, while the sleeves can give room to your creativity! If you aren’t entirely sure whether you can pull a bare shoulder off, try pinning a net dupatta to the back so you have a look that’s revealing in just the right places!

off shoulders

5. Pure Sequined Blouse

For those brides who are willing to go the extra mile and pull off just anything that comes their way, a sequined blouse can do just the trick to make you look like you’re ready to have a blast. Make sure the blouse isn’t made on material that’s too flimsy and won’t hold, but also be sure that the material won’t make you look bloated and puffed. Ideally, the skirt and dupatta shouldn’t be too heavy, as they could draw attention to the wrong places.


Here are the 5 Indian blouses styles which you can choose for your wedding functions in 2018.

indian bridal blouse

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