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Anmol Sweets & Restaurant


108-8386 128 Sreet | Surrey | Canada V3R 1V2

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Our Recipes are from India & India is one of the most prestigious confectionery and savory sweets maker in the world, known for the excellent quality of its products. The range of Indian sweets on offer at Anmol Sweets vary from delicious after-dinner desserts to exotic confectioneries. 

From amongst the classical Indian sweets we offer include delicious Rasmalai, Samosa, Chane Bhature, Aloo Tikki, Succulent Rasgulla, mouth-watering Gulab Jamun, delicate Jalebis and delectable Barfis and Halwas, not to mention our exquisite Baklava. 

What is the secret behind Anmol Sweets's success? The uncompromising use of only premium quality ingredients ensures every mouthful is a truly pleasurable and memorable experience. Our sweets and savories are made from the finest quality ingredients by traditional methods handed down from generation to generation to ensure you receive the most authentic taste of the east on your doorstep.

 So, enjoy tasting the excellence of our products as much as we enjoy creating this excellence for you.

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