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Sanober's Henna Creations


| Dallas | United States TX 75287

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Leading henna artist in Dallas and surrounding counties, with over 15 years of experience in henna body art. Sanober's services are available for women and children ONLY. Sanobers henna specializes in gorgeous Indian/Arabic/Indo-Mughlai traditional forms of henna body art. We can create beautiful floral designs freehand. Our specialty is a fusion of modern/contemporary and traditional designs. We use only 100% natural henna prepared fresh before every appointment, with fresh body art quality henna powder, lemon juice and supreme quality essential oils. We do not use pre-mixed store-bought cones, and because of our wonderful henna paste, we guarantee that you will get gorgeous color every time! Clients will be provided after-care instructions, which when followed diligently, will enable you to get the darkest, long lasting stain possible!

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