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Mystic India

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DUI 1-3 Whitter Village | Montego Bay, caribbean | destination

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Thank you for choosing Mystic India as your caterers. Our Goal is to provide you with specialty Indian And Indo Chinese cuisine, prepared with fresh ingredients that not only nourishes the body , but feeds the soul. Exotic is the word that best describes the food we serve. Reflecting our respect and support for farmers, growers and producers in our region- the closer to home something comes from, the better it is. Supporting our local economy and strengthening relationships with respect for our local heritage is one of our key values. Our focus is on good quality and portion sizes that reflect real value. With a desire to serve our community and better our world by embodying the 'begin at home' philosophy of sustaining our environment and protecting our future by eating local food, We at Mystic India COOK lovingly with passion.

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