Do's and Dont's for the I Do

This article is presented by Shirin Arenja Vinayak from Shehnaai.

dos and donts for the i do

The best advice I could give you is a broad outline of the few most important do’s and don’ts for a bride-to-be. Here are some tips to start off with.

Coordinate a color scheme for the family
It looks wonderful during the wedding and in the pictures to have the women in your family color coordinate their outfits. For instance, if you pick pink as the color for your function, have your mom, sisters, aunts, cousins and friends wear different shades of pink. It holds all of you together as a family. Just make sure nobody wears the same shade or combination as you do.

Wear colors that complement your body type
Don’t pick a color for your outfit just because it is in fashion. Wear it because it suits your skin and body type. The color might look nicer on your wedding day if it is in fashion at the time, but a few years later nobody will remember what the color for the season was. However, they will notice how the color suited you in your albums. So remember to base your color choice on your skin color and your body.

Go with trendy for functions other than the ceremony
It’s always nice to create a different look for yourself for each of your functions. Save the traditional look for the ceremony and go with contemporary for your other functions. Other than the fact that contemporary is extremely in this season and will be for a while, it will create a variety in terms of what you wear, your jewelry and your hair/make-up. This way when you walk in looking like you stepped out of a movie, it will stun everyone.

Mix fabrics and textures in outfits
Looking dressed up isn’t always about a lot of embroidery. Try blending different fabrics and textures to dress up your outfit. Combinations will make your outfit look beautiful and original. For example, wear a lace lehnga with a brocade top. And there’s always the added bonus that the outfit doesn’t weigh 20 pounds and weigh you down when you would rather be dancing.

Have a bridal party
No longer are bridal parties only for church weddings. Make sure you and your groom both have bridal parties that include your siblings and close friends. It will be an exciting opportunity for them and you will get you a lot of help in the planning. Your wedding is an experience for you to share with those you love and this is the perfect way to do that. Besides, nowadays the entry of the bride at a Hindu or a Muslim wedding is as glamorous as it is in a church and having a bridal party will only enhance this.

Flamboyant hair do’s with hair accessories
Even though you might not normally think you look nice with your hair taken up, definitely try it for your wedding functions. Other than the fact that you will be more comfortable with your hair up and in place, it looks so glamorous when you are all dressed up. You don’t have to do a traditional chignon, instead try a more modern hair do. And don’t forget some nice hair accessories such as flowers, crystals, fancy pins or jewelry to match your earrings and neckpiece.

Give yourself enough time when ordering your outfits
You must wear your dream outfit that you have been fantasizing about forever or at least something extremely close to it. With all that is available even in the US now, you don’t have to compromise by buying an outfit off the rack. Go ahead and custom order your outfit. Just make sure you are comfortable with the person you are ordering it with and give yourself at least 3-4 months, more if you can. This way you can be a part of the design process and have your outfit about 1 month before the wedding. You will then have enough time for the last minute alterations. Don’t leave your outfit for the last minute and don’t always second guess yourself when shopping around. If you have been to a few places and see something you like, take it and trust yourself to look gorgeous in it. Just do it sooner rather than later.

Do a complete trial with the clothes, hair, jewelry and make-up before the wedding day
Don’t let anybody see you all dressed up but do try the whole outfit on with the shoes and jewelry about 2 weeks before the wedding. This will give you a chance to make sure it all matches, the heels and the length of the lehnga fit, the hair looks nice with the earrings and other similar details all work well.



Stick to traditional bridal colors
This season is all about non-traditional colors. You can stick to the more basic reds, pinks and oranges for the wedding but experiment with a turquoise or a Green for the other functions. It will add some variety to your theme as well.

Wear Lehngas for all functions
Do not repeat a style or cut of an outfit for more than 1 function. Just because you are getting married does not mean you have to wear a lehnga to every function. There is so much available in styles, try to experiment.

Wear heavy contrasts in colors if you are short or a plus size.
If you are short or a plus size, stick to single colors. They will make you look slimmer and taller.

Be a part of the planning process 1 month before the wedding
One month before your wedding let it all go. Planning your wedding is a very precious time but unless you do this, you will be the planner at your wedding and not the bride. Arrange a spa weekend with your girlfriends and then pamper yourself and rest. Cherish in the love that your friends and family shower on you through their efforts in making your wedding the perfect day for you.

Purchase large trousseaus
In today’s trendy times, fashion changes faster than you can blink. So as tempted as you are, do not buy yourself large 21 or 51 piece trousseaus. Even though it’s traditional and it’s something parents plan for years for their little girls, in today’s day and age it just doesn’t work. Be smart and don’t put your families through this process, especially since the styles will change so fast and you may not even get a chance to wear most of your new outfits.

Have your final fitting too long before the wedding
Whether you plan to or not, realize that there has never been a bride whose body didn’t change somewhat in the final month. Nine out of ten brides I have ever done lose approximately 4 pounds in the last week or week and half, and you will probably will too. Make sure you don’t have your final fitting more than 2-3 weeks before the wedding. This will minimize changes for the final day. Even if your outfit is ready way before the wedding, the final fitting should be as close to the wedding as possible.


[Article thumbnail photo from Shehnaai's Bridal Showcase 2007]

Shirin from Shehnaai presents brides-to-be with the top do's and don'ts for the big Indian wedding day. Tips from choosing family color schemes, and not shopping for a large trousseau.


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