5 Kinds Of People Who Should Not Go Wedding Shopping With You

Part of the excessive hype over your wedding will inevitably be stolen by garish aunts and part by the cousins who you won’t spot without a drink in their hand. But the wedding outfit – and all the extravagance that accompanies it – solely belongs to you. And to ensure your wedding shopping is all about you, follow these guidelines to avoid having your extra- enthusiastic relatives push you into buying something you will despise later. Here we have listed five kinds of people you should avoid taking along while shopping for your wedding outfit.

 The Know-It-All
The Know-It-All is a funny but despicable breed. Often characterized by verbal diarrhea and an inability to sustain interest in a conversation that does not revolve around them, these people find novel ways to digress from the significant topic of conversation into anecdotes about their godforsaken distant relatives who have absolutely nothing to do with weddings, dresses or shopping. Avoid at all costs.

know it all
The Binger
The Binger strikes clandestinely- could be a friend or a brother- and all they do is binge on the elegant white wines while you huff and puff your way through wedding dresses. They couldn’t care less about how satin drapes around you, and their sole motive is to flit around like Casanovas at a bar. Gift them a nice Blanc and leave them at home.

People Pleasers
This one can be tricky. Of course you don’t need someone to rant about how hideous you look in a particular outfit with the rest of the store staring at you, but honesty, wedding dress shopping trumps people pleasing. More often than not, these people will convince you that you resemble Jesse Randhawa in her gorgeous trousseau, while you will realize later, to your horror, you look more like Jesse Eisenberg. Assign them less hectic jobs like negotiating with the caterer.pleaserSource 

The Impatient Lot
Anyone with an attention span of less than five minutes – usually a younger cousin or niece – has to be left at home. They will use hunger as an excuse to rush you into buying something that looked momentarily beautiful because admit it – you were hungry. Ban anyone younger than 13 to go wedding dress shopping with you. 


Your Fiancé
Of course he should have a say in what you wear, just like you do for him, but trust your better judgment and don’t tag him along. Your wedding outfit, along with all that confidence you’ll wear on your wedding day will leave him awestruck. You don’t want to miss that. fianceSource

People you should totally avoid going shopping with for your wedding dress!

know it all

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