Things To Remember At Your First Bridal Dress Fitting Session

Trying on your bridal outfit for the first time can be a little daunting and a whole lot of fun. I mean aren’t bridal trousseaus half the reason you want to get married in the first place? Before you get too carried away trying on your wedding outfit here are a few things you should be mindful of to avoid unwanted surprises on your big day.

1. Check Zip Fasteners

In fact, this is something you should advise even your fiancé to do. A zip fastener with a mind of its own can cause you a lot of unwarranted trouble on your wedding day and if there’s no one or no time to fix it the results could be disastrous. 



2. Wear The Same Lingerie You Plan To Wear On The D Day

This one’s a must. You never know how a particular brasserie would sit under a blouse, or whether your seamless shape wear would actually look seamless. Plus this would allow for enough time to fix any errors so that you feel comfortable and look great at your wedding.



3. Sit In Your Outfit

If you can’t sit comfortably in your outfit, without the fear of a tear or a hook coming off, get it altered. Indian weddings usually require a lot of sitting and standing, and if you can’t do both without sweating, no point spending those big bucks on your outfit.



4. Try On With Shoes 

Shoes bought in isolation could really ruin your whole look. To make sure your shoes go with your outfit, you must try them out together. Make sure one doesn’t outweigh the other and make sure you feel confident.



5. Click, Click, Click!

Click a bunch of photos so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Understand the lighting under which your outfit glimmers the best, and how your entire outfit-complete with your choice of jewelry looks. Get some of your friends to photograph you from multiple angles- an oversupply always trumps a dearth of photos.



All in all, your first outfit trial should leave you beaming, but if it doesn’t, don’t worry. Get hassles out of the way well in time; understand what’s lacking in the look you wanted to create and talk to your designer or tailor to work towards fixing what you think is wrong. You have enough time, so go ahead and make the changes you want! 

Once you've got the size and style of your bridal dress picked out, schedule at least one bridal dress fitting. Know about the things you need to do during your first bridal dress fitting session.


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