Tuesday Shoesday: Smart Shoe Choices For The Sangeet Ceremony

The uber-exciting Sangeet Ceremony is one of the most long-awaited pre-wedding functions in any big fat Indian wedding. And why wouldn’t it be? The function promises dance, drama and in a lot of cases, endless drinking too. Typically, these “Cocktail Parties” are a hub of dance performances by relatives and a live DJ dishing out dance tracks by the end of the night. The Sangeet is now, no less that a glamorous party.

A very important decision a bride-to-be must make for this function is what shoes she is going to wear. Whether you’re wearing an Indo-Western outfit or going completely ethnic, you’ll need to choose your footwear wisely. It’ll need to be super-style (because, hello, you’re the bride!) alongside being super-comfy (dancing, you can’t forget you’ll be dancing). So then, what are your options? One of best options with you are ethnic sandals with a wedge heel. They give you the height and glamour but are also quite comfortable and easy for long-wear. If you cannot handle any sort of heels on a night that involves significant amount of movement, going in for dressy flats such as embellished chappals/sandals or beautiful juttis would be a good idea. 

Harmony stone wedgeHarmony Stone Wedge by Unforgettable Moments

Miraki Kolhapuri SandalsKolhapuri Sandals by Miraki

3Lucent Sandals by BHLDN

Elina Red Women WedgesElina Red Women Wedges

It is highly recommended that you avoid stilettoes and all shoes with delicate, slender heels. No matter how good you are at pulling them off, you don’t want to risk a humpty-dumpty moment on your wedding day. What says you? What is your go-to choice for your Sangeet?

Put your best foot forward in the appropriate and comfortable shoes for the sangeet ceremony.

Miraki Kolhapuri Sandals

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