Do’s and Dont’s of Saree Shopping

We know the thrill, equalling the fluttering of butterflies in your stomach, you experience when you’re about to invest in some solid sarees! A good saree is a woman’s best friend: it flatters her and is loyal for decades. And who doesn’t need a rock solid best friend? Which is why there are some guidelines you need to acquaint yourself with before you splurge (or save!) as you go saree shopping. Here are some dos and dont’s guaranteed to make your saree shopping adventures a little more exciting and a lot more practical!

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Vivek krishnan

Vivek Krishnan


1. Choose fabric over style

While you can’t always compromise on the kind of saree you wish to go for, always choose a good quality fabric over cheap design and embroideries. Not only will the fabric stay put for years, but it also holds the sheen of the saree together.



2. Picture Yourself

The thing with sarees is, while they flatter most women, a shade too dark or too light can rob it of it's heirloom status quicker than it loses it's dye. The reason? A colour that you don’t perceive as being timeless is likely to be thrown out as the trends change. Opt for classy pieces that you can wear repeatedly.


3. Opt for Pure Silk

If you’re planning to splurge, do make sure that the saree you’re buying is closest to silk as it gets. While this may cost you a bomb, it really is an investment: a good silk saree often outlives it's owner.

4. Set a Budget

Bargaining while buying a saree is a pro’s antic. It’s best to set a reasonable budget, with a five to ten per cent window, in case you love a saree too much to break your budget for it. Otherwise, take a pro bargainer with you- preferably an aunt or your mother- to bag a sweet deal.


1. Don’t Opt for Bulky Ones

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to silk sarees: the purer the silk, the more light and luxurious the fabric. Except if you’re opting for raw silk, a saree shouldn’t be too bulky or heavy to carry.

one plus one studio

One Plus One Studio

2. Don’t Consider Dyeing

A lot of salespersons assure buyers of the saree’s ability to hold through the dyeing process. While some sarees can, often a saree loses it's sheen as it is dyed. Some, like a pure chiffon, might not even be able to take the load. It's best to opt for a colour you love!

3. Don’t Opt for Large Motifs

While we understand your love for those huge motifs on silk sarees, remember that motifs can often date your sarees and draw too much attention. Lighter motifs allow you to play around with accessories and keep the saree chic and trendy for longer.

4. Don’t Rush

Investing in a saree is kind of a big deal. Don’t buy it under any sort of pressure, and make sure you are clear in your mind. It’s best to examine the saree under natural sunlight before making your decision, as it is to drape it on yourself.

Here are some dos and dont’s guaranteed to make your saree shopping adventures a little more exciting and a lot more practical!


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