Floral Jewellery for Indian Brides : Things You Must Know

Want to become the trendiest Indian bride of the season? Tensed about the jewellery you will wear on your sangeet? Heard a lot about floral jewellery but have numerous doubts? Take a deep breath and relax, here is your guide to help you sort out your little worries with the perfect guide to flowery florid Indian bride!

Flowers which were used as décor items only are now one of the must-have adornments for the bride-to-be. From Lilly to orchards, rose to marigold all kinds of flowers are now-a-days used to doll-up the bride so that she looks ethereal!

1. Decide on the style and the type of jewellery you want.

The jewellery provider has a wide range for you to choose from. You have to decide which ones have to be floral. Some brides like to keep it minimal by opting for maang tikka, necklace, earrings and bracelet only. But you can get kamarband or bajuband too or anything for that sake. Everything can be made of flowers (except for the groom)!

floral jewellery

2. Type of flowers

Some people are allergic to certain types of flowers. So, don’t forget to mention that to the flower vendor you are getting the jewellery made from! After all you don’t wish to get caught by cold or have rashes on your body just before your D-day. Some popular flowers that brides have chosen for their sangeet/mehendi functions in the past are usually made from Jasmine, Roses, and Marigold. Just be wary of your allergies!

floral jewellery

3. When to order the jewellery

We advise you to order your design well in advance, especially when you want not-so-easily-available or exotic variety of flowers. Some vendors take a look of the outfit to combine different flowers and make it the most unique piece. So, you need time for that.

floral jewellery

4. How long do the flowers stay fresh?

Wedding is a big day for a girl. She has been thinking about it since the longest time, you know just like Geet of Jab We Met movie – “Mujhe bachpan se he shadi krne ka boht shaunk hai.” So, none of the girls want to feel worn out or bad because of stale flowers.

So, the flowers tend to stay fresh for about 5-6 hours, which perhaps is sufficient time for the ceremony to get over. So, our dear bride-to-be you won’t lose the glow!

floral jewellery

5. Venue

Just in case, you have a destination wedding and there is less scope for you to find florist nearby then make arrangements as soon as possible. There are dealers these days who take contract and reach remotest location with garden-fresh flowers. Also, it is preferable to find the jewellery provider near your venue as it will increase the longevity of the flowers.

6. How much to spend?

Until and unless you are opting for an exclusive jewellery set, floral jewels should cost you around Rs. 3000 to Rs. 7000. It is a sufficient amount to spend on the jewellery. And yes, it definitely depends on your bargaining and negotiation skill too!

So, go and grab your floral jewellery and become the magical bride of the season!

Here's your go-to guide for choosing the trendy floral jewellery for your sangeet/mehendi function.


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