7 Pretty Jaimalas Ideas for Indian Weddings

In recent times, wedding preparation has become an increasingly elaborate affair. Everything is carefully selected and finalized with much attention to detail. Since the Jaimala ceremony is an important ritual in Indian weddings, the jaimala (or garland) itself should be nothing short of stunning. Now, most people barely give it a thought, but there are actually several different kinds of jaimalas to choose from for your big fat Indian wedding.


1. Botanical Jaimala

Such garlands have an equal amount of flowers and foliage. Those who do not like very flowery jaimalas or are prone to allergies from the scent of flowers, botanical jaimalas would be the best option. They have a more subtle appeal – perfect in case you don’t want a very eyeball-grabbing garland for your wedding.

2. All White Jaimala

A jaimala with only (and only) white roses also looks fabulous. Couples with very bright, beautiful outfits may go in for a jaimala made entirely of delicate, sweet-smelling white roses. This will ensure that after exchanging the garlands, both bride and groom don’t look like a confusing array of colours and accessories.


3. All Pink Jaimala

The traditional jaimala is made of deep pink roses and symbolizes the lovely union of bride and groom. If you do not want to break tradition and prefer classic ritualism, going in for an all pink jaimala made of roses would perhaps be best. A major advantage of going in for such a jaimala is that it will be readily available and you will not need to fuss over it too much.


4. Thai Flower Jaimala

Those who wish for everything to be fancy and exclusive, jaimalas made of Thai flowers would be best for you. They are made of unique flowers in interesting colors with intricate patterning and much detailing. If you want your jaimala to be such that attracts compliments and attention, opt for a jaimala made of thai flowers.


5. Red and White Jaimala

Some jaimalas have an arrangement of alternating red roses and white jasmine flowers. Simple yet beautiful, such red and white jaimalas are elegant and smell heavenly as well. If you are making arrangements at the last moment, a red and white jaimala would be a safe bet. 


6. Purple and White Jaimala

Made of orchids and carnations, purple and white jaimalas are different and eye-catching. If you do not like any of the typical jaimalas, a purple and white garland would be a good choice. But make sure that the purple/white combination goes well with the wedding outfits. 


7. Pastel Jaimala

Pastel jaimala matching your pastel Indian wedding outfits go really well. 


Here are different varmala options for bride and grooms for their Indian wedding.


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