These Brides Ditched the Traditional Lehengas and wore GOWNS instead

We know that every bride secretly nurtures a love for more than just her fiance- a love for lehengas. We understand- the sheer choices available in the industry when it comes to lehengas is ridiculously great. There’s every kind of fabric that can be used in one- whether it is a summer wedding or a winter one, a lehenga is perhaps the single most dynamic outfit there is when it comes to traditional wear. Plus, there’s all kinds of lehengas depending on the occasion you’d like to don one for- be it a cocktail evening, or a reception, or the wedding itself- there’s a lehenga for every occasion!

But for brides who just don’t get the buzz around the gorgeous garment, we hear you. There’s the hassle of holding on to the dupatta ALL THE TIME, even if you pin it up well, there’s chances you’ll need a touch up check to make sure everything’s in place. Gowns, on the other hand, allow for a lot more movement and can be altered to fit the occasion, which is probably why so many women are opting for gowns to rock their reception ceremonies. After all, who doesn’t want to go hands free after all the hullabaloo of the wedding?!

Take inspiration from these brides:

cold shoulder- stories by joseph radhik

Stories by Joseph Radhik

Isn't this Organza ruffled gown such a steal!

Organza ruffled gown

Cupcake Productions

Cupcake Productions

Dipak Studios

Dipak Studios

Gaurav Gupta sure makes some of the most gorgeous bridal gowns!

Gaurav Gupta

Tissue and Tulle go well together

tissue and tulle - coolbluez

CoolBluez Photography

harleen mahi photography

Harleen Mahi Photography

suhani - shutterdown

ShutterDown Photography

infinite memories - pattaya wedding

Infinite Memories

Heavily embroidered cold shoulder silver gown 

heavily embroidered cold shoulder silver gown - Israni Photography

Israni Photography

shalini udaipur - divishth kakkar

Divishth Kakkar

teal - dotdusk

DotDusk Photography

Dolly J Brides

Dolly J

Dolly J bride


These brides ditched the traditional Indian bridal lehengas for their receptions and wore gowns instead.

bridal gowns

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