An Indian Bride's Guide to Wearing Flowers in Hair

An Indian bride’s hair and makeup are prime contributors to how she looks and feels on her wedding day. At Indian weddings, many brides go in for floral accessories in their hair, keeping their look both traditional and feminine. But in modern times, you have many options beyond the simple Gajra to adorn your hair. Here are some ideas on how to style florals in your hair for the perfect Indian bridal look:

Floral Tiara 

Though floral tiaras are typically associated with western casual wear, you can wear one at your wedding with front detail framing only the area over your face. 


Scattered Flowers

If you do not want something as dramatic as a tiara, you can always have some flowers pinned into your hair in an aesthetic manner. 

scattered flowers

Single Flower 

This is for the minimalist bride. You can pin up a single flower into your bridal up-do or plait. Make sure the flower you choose is eye-catchy either in terms of size or color. 

Flower Pins 

It’s not necessary to go in for fresh flowers as hair accessories. You can also go in for delicate floral pins that complement your attire and makeup. 

floral pin

Oversized Wreath

If dramatic is your style mantra, go in for a floral wreath loaded with flowers. Make sure your hair is down and falling loosely to avoid your head looking oversized. 

Floral Crown 

If you’re a diva-bride who loves florals, you can go in for a floral crown. This is a great idea for shorter brides since it’ll give them at least 3 inches of height and none of the hassles of heels. 

andy shepard photography - floral tiara


Andy Shepard Photography

Tie-On Flowers 

Opt-in for a tie-on floral headband if you’re leaving your hair down. They look simple yet elegant, and bring depth to your loosely kempt hair. 

jiyas artistry

Back Detailing 

If you don’t want your florals to overshadow your face and makeup, you can go in for back detailing with flowers in your hairdo. 

Asymmetrical Florals 

If you’d like to sport an edgy look on your wedding day, wear your flowers in an asymmetrical but aesthetic arrangement.

Baby’s Breath Scattering 

Baby’s Breath would be an unusual choice of flower for your wedding hair. But if styled well, it can create a modern wreath that fits in perfectly with a minimalist outfit. 



Here are some trendy ideas on how to style florals in your hair for the perfect Indian bridal wedding look.

indian bridal hair

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