Precious Tips to Nail Your Dance Moves at Your Indian Wedding

Weddings aren’t just about the soppy vows and the many self-indulgent treats the bride and groom are entitled to. You may soon realise that Indian weddings are as much about your guests and the pomp and show they came to see, as they are about your glamourous pampered self. Which is why when we say dancing is serious business at weddings you better believe us!

Wedding dances are a trend to be observed in every corner of the world that celebrates the union of a couple. And if you want to make your Indian wedding special by nailing your dance moves, we’ve got you covered! Check out these hacks for how you can make the best of your booty while grooving to the wedding hymns!

1. Nail the Signature Move

Not much of a dancer? Not a problem! As long as you have a signature move that you are comfortable with, you’re all set. This could be a groove that has heaps of memories attached to it- or something that will bring memories back to your family. Just make sure you are comfortable rocking it!

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2. Enter With the Beats

If you aren’t entirely sure if you want to dedicate an entire evening or occasion to just dancing, consider dancing your way into a venue! This could be all the pomp you need because you can bet all eyes will be on you. Hire a professional if you’re serious about nailing this!

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3. Stage Prep In Time!

It is probably a good idea to prepare well in time for a full-blown stage performance. Get your act together and make sure your fiance, or your girl gang, is there to give you the valuable feedback you may need. It might also help to record this and watch yourself to get a sense of how the act puts together!

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4. Clothe to Fit!

Remember to clothe appropriately to match your moves. It might be a sexy move to dance in heels, but save yourself from a potential blunder and practise beforehand or simply change into comfy footwear for the big show! Nobody wants a dancing bridezilla to fall off the stage on her big day!

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5. Be Extra Extra Extra!

Let go of your inhibitions and just dance your heart out! Trust us, nothing will give you a better sense of accomplishment- not even your vows!

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Nervous before your big bang sangeet ceremony. Here are a few tips that can help you nail those amazing dance moves on your Indian wedding.

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