8 Steps to Properly Planning Your Indian Wedding: Checklist

If marriage is on the cards for you, stressing about the long list of things to do is natural. However, if you plan things in an organized fashion, chances are that the whole process will be more enjoyable than nerve-wracking.

Here’s a list of things-to-do that should be on your checklist; keep completing each task bit-by-bit and you’ll be ready for D-Day without much hassle!

1. Finalize your budget – First things first. To plan a wedding, you need to determine your spending capacity. All further decisions will be contingent upon your budget so work that in the very beginning.

wedding planning

2. Draft your guest list – Forgetting to invite someone dear to your wedding can cause many issues. Start your wedding planning by making your guest list. Make additions and deletions along the way, as required.

wedding guests

3. Find the perfect wedding planner – You may want to be the one taking all the decisions for your wedding, but leave the execution to professionals. Find an experienced wedding planner who understands your requirements and let them take care of the logistics.

planning essentials

4. Book the essentials – When it comes to wedding arrangements, several bookings need be made in advance, especially if your dates are in peak wedding season. Make sure to book the venue, the guests’ accommodations, your makeup and mehendi artist, photographer and videographer timely.


5. Finalize your wedding outfits and jewelry – If you want to look your best on D-Day, make sure you have your outfits picked out and in the process of customization well in advance. You should have ample time to match jewelry with each look, so do keep this high on your priority list.

wedding outfit

6. Plan your honeymoon – If you’re taking off on your honeymoon right after your wedding, it needs to be meticulously planned, well in advance. All the ticketing and visa formalities should not weighing on your mind in the days leading up to matrimonial bliss.


7. Finish your trousseau shopping – You can’t be preoccupied with wedding planning alone. You also need to think of circumstances post marriage, when you’ll be visiting friends and family as a couple. You’ll need a trousseau full of clothes, shoes, and accessories for the same – collect away!


8. Double-check everything – Many a times, wedding planning frenzy causes you to miss out on important little details such as booking a choreographer or getting some minor alterations to an outfit. Go over everything after checking off all items on the list to avoid last-minute fiascos.

Picture Credits: CoolBluez Photography

Here are the 8 steps to planning your Indian wedding ceremonies to the T. Follow them to keep all wedding frenzy at bay.

wedding planing

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