6 Most Important Things Often Overlooked by an Indian Bride

When your wedding day is just around the corner, there is pressure along with the excitement and thrill to start a new chapter of life. The pressure of looking flawless in every aspect. You have created an image of yourself in which everything is perfect from top to toe, but then the reality smirks. The things that you thought would balance and automatically fall in place does not sometime follow your deal. So here are the six thing you need to remember in order to rock your big day.

Balancing the Accessories –

Just because that model you saw flaunting the bridal look with tons of accessories looking gorgeous in picture does not sort out the deal for you automatically. Find your comfort and don’t get weighed down by wearing a lot of it. One of the common mistakes which brides tend to make is trying to wear and fit every accessory that looks pleasing. You have multiple rituals to perform while carrying it. So, be careful because you don’t want to feel chained and trapped by it.


Power of a Well-fitted Blouse –

Blouse is a very important and most noticeable part of a bridal outfit. With the wedding day approaching do take out your blouse from that and try it 3-4 days before the final day. It has been evident that because of the lifestyle change, our bodies change too with the changes. So, check it well and do the requisites. A little adjustment or discomfort will erase all the confidence and starts reflecting in your face and body language.

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The Crucial Makeup Trials –

Makeup has the potent to make you awesome or awful. Your bridal makeup speaks volume. It is one of the most important detail which everyone notices.  Makeup trials by professionals are must because you don’t want to be a toy of experimentation on your big day. It is incumbent to know beforehand that how the particular product goes with your skin or if you are irritant to anything. 

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The Weather Theory –

Weather should be given primary importance while deciding the makeup and dressing part. Just because you have a fondness for a particular fabric and colour shouldn’t be the sole factor while choosing it for you wedding outfit. Don’t turn a blind eye to it. Wear the colour and fabric that not just compliments you but compliments you with that particular weather.


The Lehenga Affair-

If you are choosing to wear lehenga on your wedding day. Choose it very wisely and give importance to your body type as there are tons of type available in the market including the A line, Flared, Mermaid/ Fishtail, Panelled, Sharara lehenga, etc. Just because a type is in trend, shouldn’t make it your automated choice. Consult a designer.


Confidence is the Key-

Nothing can replace your confidence. Take a long breathe and rock the show. Don’t let that nervousness or pressure take a toll over you. Everything that couldn’t be the way you want can only be fixed by confidence.  Because they say, ‘Self- Confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it’.

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Picture Credits: The Wedding Story

The making of an Indian bride. Most common things which are often overlooked during the wedding preps which Indian brides must take care of.

indian bride

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