Book Review: Indian Weddings by Simran Chawla + Giveaway!

With all the rich cultural traditions and festivities of Indian weddings, it amazes me that more books have not been published about them. Enter Simran Chawla, author of the new book Indian Weddings which is now available for purchase. We're sharing an inside look at this new book, and even giving one away!

Brides-to-be planning Indian weddings in America strive to find the perfect compromise between cultural expectations and the modern elements of an American wedding. This book is a snapshot of Indian weddings in America as they are today, from a beach wedding in California to a bustling D.C. wedding.

The book also includes beauty and shopping tips, budgets and schedules to keep any Indian bride organized. Given the coverage included of various religious and cultural ceremonies, it is especially invaluable for multicultural couples.

Best of all, it's easy to read and understand and written with a fresh, modern perspective. All the gorgeous eye candy on every page is also a big plus. If the content wasn't so useful, I would recommend putting it on display as a coffee table book!

From the author: "The beautiful photography in the book conveys the joy of Indian celebrations, and the text helps brides and guests understand Indian marriage traditions. I hope this book will spark conversations between couples and their families so brides and grooms can learn about the traditions and rituals that will change their lives forever. This book will inspire couples to recreate the beauty of the rich Indian culture—one that is famous worldwide for its wedding celebrations."

Learn more about the book and see more photos at or on their Facebook page. You can also purchase your own copy on Amazon.


Excited about the gorgeous photos and tips in this book? We're giving you your own copy for free! All you have to do is tell us your proposal story. Not engaged yet? Just describe your dream proposal!

E-mail your story here, or write it on our Facebook page. You have until Monday, April 11th to enter and one of you will have your own copy!

And did we mention, this makes an AMAZING gift for any friend of yours who is recently engaged and planning an Indian wedding. No need to thank us for checking off another item on your to-do list!

Book Review: Indian Weddings by Simran Chawla + Giveaway!

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