Kaptur.com - Indian Wedding Photo Sharing + Giveaway

One of the pet peeves many Indian brides have after the big day is the annoyance of assembling all the pictures from their wedding. With hundreds of guests and a camera in the hands of every uncle, friend and cousin, there are easily hundreds of pictures and videos from your wedding day that will be floating around on Facebook and other social websites.

So you can waste your time begging everyone to e-mail/burn/transfer the files for you, or you can simplify your life with the new online service, Kaptur (Kaptur.com)

Kaptur (pronounced 'capture') is a free and easy to use online solution for organizing photos and videos among friends wishing to relive special memories - especially weddings.

What we love about it is that it doesn't try to replace Facebook (because there's no way your wedding photos won't end up there!) Instead, it's a service where your guests can transfer over pictures from their Flickr or Facebook albums with a simple click. The perfect way for the newlyweds and all of the wedding guests to relive the memories of the big day and check out the moments they might have missed!

Want a special offer?

Kaptur is giving you 100 free customized KapturCards just for signing up! The greatest thing about these cards is that you can pick individual photos of your different guests to be the cover of each card. It really doesn't get more personalized than that!

To get started right away and get your free cards, log on to http://weddings.kaptur.com


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