Multicultural Fusion Wedding by Kellie Saunders Photography

Today we're featuring a multicultural fusion wedding in Michigan by Kellie Saunders Photography that I think a lot of brides who are torn between Western upbringings and Indian roots will relate to. Our bride Allison was tasked with finding ways to blend not only all the facets of her life together for her wedding day, but also her husband Jason's, and she did an excellent job!

Take a peak over at the photo gallery to see all of the images from Allison and Jason's day, and keep reading for the bride's take on her wedding!

From Allison:
"My wedding was a combination of traditions from my parents village in Virar (a suburban of Mumbai), India and my traditional western upbringing. Growing up, I always saw myself wearing my white dress and walking down the aisle. Conversely as a young girl, I often doted over my parents beautiful Indian clothing and ceremonial elements from the pictures in their albums. I knew that a perfect wedding to me would be a combination of all that I knew and appreciated."

1a Indian Wedding Western WHite Wedding Dress 4b Indian Wedding Bridal Mehndi 5c Indian Wedding Bridal Makeup 6d Indian Wedding White dress, veil and calla lily bouquet 8e Indian Wedding white wedding dress first look

I love these first shots Kellie Saunders Photography captured. She really brought out the calmness in Allison as she got ready for her wedding day, and then the joy all over her face when she saw Jason for the first time!

9f Indian wedding bridal party turquoise sari bridesmaid 10g indian wedding bridal party mehndi 11i indian wedding groomsmen matching cufflinks 14j indian wedding church ceremony
"While the ceremony itself was something that most American wedding goers would recognize--aside from my bridesmaid's gorgeous turquoise saris, the reception was a 50/50 split!  After the entrance, cake cutting, toasts and first dances the wedding party, my husband and myself left to change out of our western formal wear and into our Indian outfits.  We then re-entered the reception led by drums and under our spinning umbrella.  We were immediately enveloped into a sea of dancing people, and continued to dance to traditional Marathi music and the best Bollywood singles." 

15l indian wedding 4 layer textured cake with love bird toppers 17k indian wedding table decor and centerpiece 18m indian wedding blue dinner menu 23n indian wedding bridal reception pink sari and jewelry 24o indian wedding portrait pink sari 27p indian wedding guests dancing

Thank you so much to Kellie Saunders Photography for submitting this wonderful multicultural wedding, and congratulations to the happy couple!

Make sure to stop over at Allison and Jason's photo gallery to see all of the picture perfect images from this special day!

Multicultural Fusion Wedding by Kellie Saunders Photography

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