PANTONE - Color of the year

Each year, pantone selects a color that is influenced by influences such as fashion, culture, interior/exterior design, architecture, the environment. This year, pantone’s color of the year was influenced by nature and environment: Greenery!

As a wedding planner, I am so excited to see this color incorporated into Weddings and Celebrations this year. Known to symbolize life, vibrancy, and energy, it sets the mood for any indoor or outdoor affair when used alone to make a bold statement or with other shades of color. Already a trend often seen in 2016 and now carried into 2017, I look forward to what creative ways it is used this year in luxury weddings and celebrations.

If you want an elegant and timeless wedding but don’t know how to incorporate greenery, have a look at some trends (with some key points to keep in mind):

  • Backdrops: I would like to see less use of the floral walls and more use of green wedge walls for décor and simplicity

  • Florals: Cannot express the power of lush greenery. Not only is it a nature loving color but also the perfect choice for couple’s wanting fresh floral’s but don’t want to break the bank

  • Garden-theme weddings: Always a timeless trend! Whether you use the outdoor landscapes already in full bloom or bring the garden inside, it will leave you in aww.

This should serve as a platform to inspire you. Furthermore, here’s a series of green themed images to start inspiring you for your wedding affair!

image 1 retrieved from @pantone

Our Pantone color of the year: Greenery. Known for life, revitalization, nature and energy. For couples that are nature lovers and want to incorporate a color that works with various themes and décor elements, this vibrant color is sure to add dimension to your vision.

Image 2 custom designed green mandap from @designhousedecor

For cultural and South Asian celebrations, this custom designed green mandap is jaw dropping. With a combination of floral’s and greenery also hanging from the center of the mandap, it allows couples to amp up the style for a modern South Asian Wedding.

Image 3 elegant and lush green archway. image by @ samuellippkestudios

This setting with a lush green archway and gold napoleon chairs is a great choice for the chic couple wanting lush greenery but not overpowering. You will be the only center of attention!

Image 4 elegant and rustic at the same time. Kent Drake Photography- pantone blog

One of my favorite themes! Love how a rustic setting is elegantly paired with minimal green floral’s, perfect amount of candles and taupe drapery. This theme is a great choice for couple’s wanting warm tones.

Image 5 fashion definitely plays an influence. image from @elanofficial

Fashion did influence pantone’s color of the year for 2017 and we can see why. For South Asian bride’s, if your opting for wanting bridal wear that is trendy and statement worthy, this Elan Official Outfit is your match.

Image 6 green floral chandelier image by @dukeimages

Add dimension to your décor by adding greenery to amp up your decor. As seen here, with green trees and chandeliers full of lush greenery and ivory flowers, it really adds vibrancy to your party.

Image 7hanging from the ceiling. image retrieved from

Couples: Opt for vendors that are creative and think outside the box. Here we see grandé greenery arrangement hanging from the ceiling at a reception party. But what is captivating is the pattern and blend of green floral's.

Image 8 clean and sleek look using greenery. image by @janawilliamsphoto_

Love the sleek, contemporary look! I see this being a trend for 2017. More clean lines and more white with a pop of color. Here we see vibrant greenery used on acrylic pillars as a high centerpiece. Finished off with acrylic chivalry chairs and white vinyl dance floor. Great choice for couple’s opting for a elegant, contemporary wedding theme.

Image 9 neutral tone florals blend well in an outdoor ceremony. image by @rebeccayale

Outdoor Garden Wedding Inspiration! For bride’s wanting an outdoor wedding but have a budget for floral’s, this inspiration allows the environment and outdoor landscape act as a backdrop against a beautiful floral archway. Use nature to your advantage when able to!

Image 10 still a trend...high rise centerpiece image by @gregfinck

Absolutely adore this tablescape. Perfect for an outdoor gathering with loved ones during your celebration. Start with having a high floral centerpiece, at least 3 feet high off the table so you can see each other but also admire the décor. With the addition of wood and gold napoleon chairs, this setting remains warm and inviting.

Written by: Pamela Nahal | Creative Director for Maude Affair Event Planners

If you want an elegant and timeless wedding but don’t know how to incorporate greenery, have a look at some trends (with some key points to keep in mind)

Image 5 fashion definitely plays an influence. image from @elanofficial

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