10 Romantics Ways To Propose Your Girl On A Budget (Cheap and Best)

Love struck? Thinking of popping the big question? Move over cheesy custom-made fortune cookies and solitaires at the bottom of pricy rose champagnes. These days dates are all about finding small things that would make her happy, and not loud gestures that can potentially burn a hole through your pocket.

If you are looking to propose to your girl on a tight budget, you’d be surprised to know you aren’t alone. Men these days have taken budget proposals to a whole new level, and you’d be surprised at how some of these overdo the grandeur of expensive solitaires and your love being spelled out in skywriting.

So if you are in the mix as regards what you can do on a low budget to make her feel like she is the most special person to you (a great time for that proposal, we say!), then listen up. We’re here to help you up your propose-on-a-budget game, so you can ask your girl that one question you’ve been wanting to for so long! Be warned, though. These low budget ideas can be so cool, you might never want to move on to different ways of letting your girl know how you feel!

1. In the backyard. There wouldn't be a sweeter setting than that and you can even play her favorite song on your phone while proposing. If proposing in the night, make sure fairylights are a part of it.

with love nilma

Photograph by With Love Nilma

2. While taking a leisurely walk in a garden or in front of a monument. Just go with the flow and let it come across as a natural proposal though you can also plan out your proposal speech in advance. 

Anupa Shah Photography

Photograph by Anupa Shah Photography

3. Organize a picnic wherein you both can sit and talk and you can pop the question to her. Chances are she wouldn't say no. All you need is some balloons, a mat, a picnic basket and some fruits & wine. Super cheap? Isn't it?

Hitched & Clicked

Photograph by Hitched & Clicked

4. Setup a date at the same place where you first met for a date. The journey towards your happily ever after beginning from the same place as your first date would be priceless. Your girl would appreciate you remembering your first date! 

AMIT photography

Photograph by AMIT photography 

5. Rent a bike or scooter (if you don't own one) and invite her for a ride. So before handing over the helmet, put the ring in it. She'll be surprised and then you can zip around the town celebrating the moment. 

vinny virali - scooty

Photograph by Vinny Virali 

6. Underwater proposals be the cutest! And light on pockets too! 

Hitched & Clicked

Photograph by Hitched & Clicked 

7. Home sweet home is where she'll be the most comfortable. This one works for majority of couples, especially ones who like to keep it quiet and personal. Instead of a fancy dinner, organize one at home and you are all set to charm her completely. 

Studio Narinder Photography - home

Photograph by Studio Narinder Photography

8. Live near a beach? Couldn't get better! Just head to the nearby beach and indulge in building a sandcastle - so while your girl gets busy making castles - make a heart, write your names and the date - with a ring kept in centre. 

LightsNEffects - beach

Photograph by LightsNEffects 

9. Her dog to propose her would be a fantastic idea! Ask the cutie to carry a bag of goodies that also has an engagement ring kept in it. 

 Faisal AK Photography

Photograph by  Faisal AK Photography

10. Go for a date to a local dhaba and propose to her in the most desi style under the stars! 

PICTURE destination - Dhaba

Photograph by PICTURE destination 


These low budget proposal ideas can be so cool, you might never want to move on to different ways of letting your girl know how you feel!

kshitij photography

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