Glowing Indian Bride – Beauty Regime by Sonia C

Taking better care of yourself  is a common New Year's resolution, but not one that is always followed through, either due to lack of time or knowledge.  Fear not, our guest blogger and Featured Vendor, Sonia C, gives you the lowdown on how to have your best complexion.  It is so simple that anyone can stick to it. We'll help you make sure you look like the gorgeous glowing Indian brides you see in photos!

So you've just been proposed to and every wedding detail you've ever imagined for years is totally taking over your life, thoughts and time. It's time to stop and take a few minutes in your day to make sure your skin and body are getting some love before the big day!

My team and I have compiled a few beauty products and regimens that we have tried for days, months, years even! And everything REALLY WORKS, if you give it a chance.

Establish what your skin type is and STICK TO A FACIAL ROUTINE every day.


  • Toner - to remove dirt and dead skin for an even complexion.

  • Broadband SPF for the face, neck and décolleté - to prevent unwanted sunspots and damage to your skin, especially if you have acneic skin.

  • Moisturizer - to hydrate the skin and improve texture.


  • Remove all makeup by using a cleanser and/or gentle makeup remover.

  • Toner - to remove anything left over and continue improving the radiance of your skin.

  • Moisturizer - to hydrate can never moisturize enough!

  • Eye cream - to eliminate puffiness and minimize fine lines. Ladies, most eye creams can only do so much ... don't think they will work miracles and get rid of dark circles. What most eye creams will do is improve the texture of the under eye and prevent fine lines.


Use a mask once a week or so. Our personal favorites are:

  • Using pure vitamin E oil in a generous layer on the whole face and letting it absorb for several hours or even during your sleep. Great for brides with dry skin or scars.

  • The Fresh Rose Face Mask is a super mild exfoliator that is great for sensitive skin.

  • The Clarisonic brush, for skin that needs to be perked up and exfoliated with something more abrasive than just a bottled product. The brush is a lifetime investment and will help to improve clarity, radiance, texture and the firmness of your face. The PLUS version also works on body. Limit your use to twice a week or consult a dermatologist for the best results.


Refrain from picking at your skin! It only makes things worse. The best thing to do is to use a spot treatment to eliminate the blemish. If you really have to get rid of it immediately, use an EXTRACTOR that has been sterilized with alcohol and make sure you use an anti-scar product like vitamin E in the days after.

Looking for even more new products to try out? Check out Sonia's team favorites:

Sonia C styled her first bride at the young age of 12 and has not stopped since then! She has worked around the globe providing women of all backgrounds with beauty advice and hair/makeup services. She is a formally trained artist with a passion for the South Asian bride. Sonia works as a professional artist for Louis Vuitton and NARS cosmetics. Contact Sonia C for your bridal needs -

Glowing Indian Bride – Beauty Regime by Sonia C

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