Are Stilettos A Good Idea For Your Wedding Day?

Every bride imagines her wedding day to be 24 hours of absolute perfection. From the outfit you wear to every little mini-function that happens on that day, you want everything to work without a glitch. The D-day dress naturally needs to be divine in its splendour and make sure you are truly the centre of all attention. Your shoes then, should be absolutely brilliant too. In an attempt to ensure that, a lot of brides consider wearing stilettos on their wedding day. The reason is pretty obvious – stilettos are the royalty of the shoe family and well, brides want to create the perfect princess parade on that blessed day. The question however is, are stilettos the best choice for a wedding outfit?


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A lot of experts would advise against wearing stilettos on the Wedding Day. There are a million ceremonies you’re going to be a part of, you’re going to be on your feet for half the night, and if it’s a traditional ceremony, you’ll probably be sitting on the floor for a while too. Seeing all these shenanigans through in a weighty dress is challenging enough. You don’t need sky-high heels testing your ability to balance as an added tension. The risk of tripped or the pointy heel getting caught in your very outfit is also high. And at the end of the day, you don’t want to be stressing about your footwear and walking gingerly all through an already, intensely tiring evening.  
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Of course, the final choice remains to be yours. If you’re confident about tottering in a pair of sky-high beauties on your wedding day, go right ahead. But are you quite that much of a stiletto-pro?  

This Tuesday Shoesday we bring you some things to think about when picking out those absolutely drool worthy wedding day stilettos

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