5 Evergreen Jewellery Options for Indian Brides That Will Make Everyone Go Gaga

Choosing the right type of bridal jewellery for the wedding day is definitely a tedious task. With numerous options at disposal comes the confusion, and with confusion, the risk of making the wrong choices and the fright of not being able to look the best version of oneself on the major awaited day. But worry not Indian brides, there is always a solution to every problem and we have one for you. Here, we bring for you the unsurpassable options in bridal brJewellery to choose from with the ponder tags.

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Rani Haar

Rani Haar is an essence if you want to see yourself in the royal Indian classical look. It is also layered, but unlike the Satlada Style, it isn’t too long and gives a very regal look. It usually comes in many variants but the Kundan or Diamond studded is the most famous among all.

Ponder tags-

1. It looks the best when you brace this with Chokers or Collar Necklaces as it will add to the grandeur.

2. Where pairing is must, checking is must too. Do try it before the wedding day and see whether the whole pairing is going well with your outfit as such is prone to certain side effects of experimentations.

urban clap rani-haar-necklace-with-polki-and-green-stones-f


The Satlada Style

In the current times, Satlada has been used by various Fashion Designers to complement their bridal outfit collection. The Satlada Style or the seven layered necklace has been associated with the Nizami of Hyderabad. You can also go for the lighter versions too i.e. Panchlada or Teenlada if seven seems to be too much for you.

Ponder tags-

1. Wear the Satlada style if your blouse is on the plainer style and is not full of the embroidery or blingy work.

2. It will suit the best when the neckline of the blouse is low and will not go with something with high neckline like a boat neck.

Satlada-Jewellery- Sean Marshall Lin

Sean Marshall Lin

fotowale - satlada



Chokers have been the trendiest and big hits of the current time. It gives an elaborate classical and modern look at the same time. This close fitting and the nigh neck encircling necklace can usually be classified into two kinds; first being a band and the other one being the pearl, polki or kundan studded.

Try and choose your fit well.

Ponder Tags-

1. Though chokers are versatile, but they look the best when paired with low necklines, off shoulders or a strapless.

2. This covers a vast genre in terms of complementing the outfits. If you want a sleek look, getting one with chokers is very cushy.





Shutter Ink

choker 2

Bib Necklace

If you want an unusual and peculiar jewellery for your wedding day, Bib Necklace must be given a considerable glance. It is considerably big in size. The best part is, there is no need to brace it with any other necklace and with it extinguishes the chances of experimentation gone wrong which is an essential risk with pairing.

Ponder Tags-

1. Select the necklace paying equal importance to the hangings it comes with. Too fancy hanging may spoil the decorum of whole of it.

2. Check the weight of your Bib Necklace. It may get difficult for you if it is too heavy as it doesn’t get support like Choker and Collar Necklace and may have a reflect in your posture.


morviimages- bib


Navratna Necklace

It is one of the most traditional necklaces. As the name suggests, it is studded with nine different types of precious stones. It adds colour to the glory and exceptionally make you stand out.

Ponder Tags-

1. Go for a plainer outfit if you are going for a Navratna Necklace as bling and vibrant colour everywhere will spoil the game.

2. When finalizing your Navratna Necklace pay considerable importance to the length of it basing on various factors.

Morvi Images

navratan sami irani

Sami Irani


These 5 evergreen bridal jewellery styles are CLASSICS. You can pick either of them for your Indian wedding depending on your body type.

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