Sabyasachi’s Latest High Fashion Collection ‘Firdaus’ - Dreamy!

When it comes to Indian Bridal Couture, Sabyasachi's reign is indomitable and duly deserved. For many, many years, his designs and stylistics have determined the proclivities of Ethnic-wear in the wedding world, all over the subcontinent. Brides have lusted for his masterpieces; designers have found inspiration in them. And once again, Sabyasachi has created an absolute sensation in the sartorial streets of high fashion with ‘Firdaus’. 





Firdaus-5He debuted this latest collection at Couture 2016 on a Monday evening, forgoing a showcase at the Indian Couture Week in lieu of the big reveal. The who's-who of the glamour industry was in attendance to witness the spectacle that Sabyasachi had put together. And spectacular the show surely was. As his elegantly styled models graced the runway, the melodies produced by Sabyasachi Cultural Foundation played in the background. The mood was set and each element of the collection was met with awestruck appreciation and coveting eyes. 





10As each outfit from 'Firdaus' debuted on the ramp, the unique concept behind this collection was gradually explicated. The name itself - which means the highest garden in paradise - preempted the design philosophy underlying the creations. Ornate and exquisitely embellished, with brass sequins, silk floss, velvet couching and more, the outfits were truly fit for royalty. There were a lot of long-sleeves as well as collared and detailed high-neck pieces in the collection. Darker hues with metallic accents, which are Sabyasachi hallmarks, made recurrent appearances. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the eyeball-grabbing floor length gown and all of the collection took 3 artists and 47 artisans 1600 man hours to finish!




Firdaus-15All those present were undoubtedly reminded of the legitimacy of Sabyasachi's claim to the Indian Wedding Couture throne. 'Firduas' was an inexorable personification of the 'modern day heirloom' it promised to be. 



Those tying the knot this season are going to have even more glorious outfit goals than before. And they have none other than Sabyasachi's 'Firdaus' to thank!


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