A Foolproof Guide To Shoe Shopping For Your Beach Honeymoon

Let’s be honest about something: weddings are the mother of all tiring parties. Hours of standing and frenzied shuttling from one venue to another, not to forget the multiple outfit changes can make one feel like a circus clown. But the promised nirvana of the honeymoon can ease the hysteria. Unless your next big tackle is choosing footwear for your beach vacation, in which case, this list brings it home. All you need to carry is:

A Pair of Strappy Flats

A sexy pair of tie-ups will be your best friend if you want to relax all day in cozy yet chic footwear. Invest in a durable pair, although leather might not be the best option if you plan to stroll on the beach. Go for a neutral color that can complement most of your outfits.Beach footwear



A pair of light sneakers will help you around the city without wearing your already-tired feet down. Think of a pair that is easy to slip into. Sneakers



Your feet need a vacation too. And flip-flops are your best best. Invest in a sturdy yet smart pair and let your feet breathe all day long. 





This one’s a must. If you have a pair that’s versatile enough to ease you into a nighttime do, and goes with sundresses, you’re good to go. Remember to make sure you can walk around in these!


A honeymoon packing list for romantic beach getaways.

Beach footwear

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