Tuesday Shoesday: Shoes To Go With Pink Bridal Lehenga

Ditching the quintessential red bridal lehenga for the love of pink? Well, if you’ve opted for a pink lehenga for the D-day, here are some options that could spice up your pretty feet.

1. Embellished Kitten Heels - Technically speaking, kitten heels are not higher than three inches which easily translates to comfort and practicality. Look for neutral colours like cream and beige, to add a little contrast to your pink outfit. What’s more, these could be a lifesaver if your feet are swollen from all the dancing at your sangeet.  

Embellished heels


2. Pumps - The glory of pumps! These absolutely versatile shoes can be worn under a lehenga, saree, even your cocktail gown. Since pumps hold a special place in every girl’s closet, we’re guessing you already have a drool-worthy pair at hand. But if you are going to splurge on a pair, remember to go for a classic colour, that can be paired with different shades of pink. 



3. Platform Heels - This the your safest bet if you want to add height while keeping your glam quotient intact. Look for a pair that’s really comfortable to walk around in, since that’s what you’re really paying for. You can’t go wrong with a classic golden pair of wedges- just look for a pair that goes well with your shade of pink. 



4. Kohlapuris or Juttis - If you really think you can do without those extra inches to your frame, and would prefer flats, go for either of these. Kohlapuris come in literally every shade and colour- and are usually inexpensive and sturdy. If you’re getting married in the peak of winter, a pair of juttis might be your friend. They look best bedazzled, and in different colours to go with your pink lehenga.



5. Sexy Slingbacks - A silver or golden pair of slingbacks is your best bet for a really sexy look. Let nothing hold you back when you’re shopping for a pair!



We've compiled a list of bridal shoe options to go with your pink lehenga.


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