10 Kalire Designs That Are Just Drool Worthy

Kalire hold a special place in every bride’s heart. Traditionally supposed to be gifted to her by her maternal relatives, the gorgeous long tassels that are attached to the bride’s bangles give her attire a whole new dimension, adding grace and glamour to her trousseau. The saying goes, that when the bride shakes her hands above her friends’ heads, whoever gets a bit of the kalire will get married next. The truth of that remains to be tested, but it sure is a fun ritual!

When it comes to choosing kalire, though, the number of shapes, sizes and materials they are made up of can give one a headache! One tip to remember is that the kalire should enhance the lehenga or saree the bride is adorned in, so keep in mind the color scheme while going kalire shopping.

Here are our top ten kalire favourites, all different in their own league: 

1. Golden Three-Tiered Kalire

These might be the most common, but for a reason. The classic golden kalire are not only exquisite and graceful, but complete the bridal trousseau as they are as traditional as it can get! For a little variation, check out golden kalire with a hint of colour, like strings attached at the end.  



2. Coconut Kalire

For brides who want to stay close to their roots, coconut kalire are the way to go! To understand the significance of coconut, we need to give you a little history lesson. Way back, the tradition of kalire was begun to ensure that the bride does not remain hungry or thirsty on her way back to her husband’s home, or while she resides there. So her uncles would gift her coconut on strings attached to her bangles, and lo and behold, make way for coconut kalire!

With these cute options, you have the choice to either keep it simple, throw in a little colour at the strings, or embellish the coconut as well!

coconut kaleere


cocunut kaleera


3. Silver Kalire

Silver kalire look absolutely stunning, if done right- take our word for it! For brides who choose pastels for their big day, silver kalire can add magic to your outfit. You can choose to go plain with them, or opt for silver kalire with pastel tassels at the end- either way, your kalire are bound to look unique and eye-catching.

silver kalire


4. Kalire with Kundan Embellishments

These kalire will complement bridal outfits that are minimal, but can also go with the heavily-embroidered lehenga or saree. Kundan is a very versatile yet traditional kind of jewellery, and is the cherry to the cake when it comes to red or maroon bridal outfits. Check out some intricate designs if you want a look that’s not too flashy!

kundan kaleere


5. Flower Kalire

Honestly, we don’t know why these aren’t quite the rage yet! Not a lot of brides experiment with flowery kalire, but they can look stunning and yet delicate, while also adding a pop of colour to your outfit. When it comes to flowery kalire, you can experiment and get them custom-made, keeping in mind the colours you’re wearing.

flower kaleere


6. Shells and Balls

Kaleeras with shells and chunky balls are definitely very unique. Shells interspersed with golden balls in kaliras can go really well with pinkish and peaches lehengas.  

shells and balls kaleere


7. Ghunghroo Kalire

For girls who like traditional kaliras but want a little twist to the usual should opt for ghunghroo kaleeras. Shimmery, ghunghroo encrusted kaliras look quite graceful and can go well with red bridal outfits well. You can easily find these ghunghroo ones in the market but can also get them customized with big golden balls. 

ghungroo kaleere


8. Tassle and Ghunghroo Kalire

If highly embellished kaliras are not your style, you can opt for rather cute looking tassle and ghunghroo kaliras. They are actually elegant and distinct kaliras which can make your bridal attire look way more beautiful. 

tassle and ghunghroo kaleere


9. Pom-Pom Kalire

Brides who love cute stuff should totally go for pom pom kaliras, which go really well with light and breezy outfits. These are surely the safest bet when it comes to teaming up kaliras with summery lehengas or morning weddings. Even boutiques and tailors can customize these kaliras.

pom pom kaleere


10. Chair and Rose Embellished Kalire

We totally love these! Brides nowadays are incorporating all kinds of different hangings onto their kaliras. From chairs, leaves, gota balls, feathers to roses, trinklets and pictures of their loved ones, they aren't leaving anything untouched. And why not! These things look uber-cool. Such bridal kaliras are edgy and fun to wear.

chair kaleere


edgy kaleere


Here's a round up of 10 most cute kalire styles we have seen on brides lately.

tassle and ghunghroo kaleere

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