7 Adorable Dog Outfit Ideas for your Indian Wedding

Looking for a wedding attire for your furry pal to walk down the aisle? Pet owners face some sort of a dilemma when it comes to their dressing their pets for their own wedding day. After all, reaching a conclusive wedding outfit for a pet dog could be very challenging. So, here are some ideas of wedding outfits for your dog.

Fancy Bow-Tie

There’s nothing dapper than a bow-tie, be it for a man or canine. Indian brides can get a matching bow-tie for their dog, while grooms can color-coordinate their ties. And when it comes to the size of the bow, the bigger, the cuter!

ginger oberoi

Ginger Oberoi

Matching Doggie Vest

What’s more adorable than your doggo mirroring your D-Day gorgeousness? Dress up your beloved pet in a dog vest that matches your outfit. This applies to both brides and grooms, because guess what? Dogs look great in all kinds of vests!


Wedding Nama

Floral Headband

Another much-loved doggie-dress-up tactic at Indian weddings is having your pet wear a floral headband. This would be ideal for day weddings or other morning functions like the haldi or mehendi. Your furry friend will match the fresh, floral vibe of such events.

freyasfloralco - floral headband

Freyas Floral Co

Doggo Sherwani

If you want your dog to turn up at your wedding at his ethnic best, a cutesy doggo-sherwani will go along way! But make sure you get one in a fabric that’s not uncomfortable for your pet. You don’t your doggie to tear his outfit apart mid-event.

happy_shaapy - sherwani

Happy Shappy

yuki_thecutie - sherwani

Yuki The Cutie

Netted Skirts

Dogs in heaven probably dress this way, so you can rest assured that the Fashion Police will approve of this choice. Have your dog put on a netted skirt in a color that complements your wedding theme and décor. If you have a whole doggie squad wearing these skirts, even better!


The Classic Dog Tux

If you want to keep your dog’s wedding outfit elegant and classy, it’s best to go with a classic tux. A bow-tie that pops would look great, because, well, a dog needs some color in its life. Add a flower or broach or any other elegant accessory to have your dog looking like canine royalty.

dog tux - barkandgo

Bark and Go

tux - artimotions

Art Imotions

Embellished Collar

For very frisky dogs you can’t risk any fancy clothes with, it’s a good idea to keep things simple. Dress your pet with a fancy collar and that alone, can really spruce up its wedding look. You can also get a matching fancy leash to go with the outfit.

Since everyone in your Indian wedding deserves a special outfit, don't forget your pooch. These options are sure to wag his tail! 

Looking for a wedding attire for your furry pal to walk down the aisle? Here are some dog outfit ideas for your Indian wedding.

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