15 Prettiest Kaleera Trends for 2020 Indian Brides

No Indian bride in 2020 wants to take her kaleeras for granted. Especially today’s millennial brides who swear by the mantra ‘It’s all in the details’ need to take these pretty adornments quite seriously. These traditional ornaments are worn by Punjabi brides as a symbol of wealth and prosperity endowed upon her by her maternal family. Kaleeras have such a charm that they are now even been sported lovingly by non-punjabi brides as well. 

Let’s take a look at some new-age kaleeras that are going to be popular in 2020 amongst the trendy Indian brides.

1. Floral Kaleeras aren't going anywhere even in 2020. This trend first started when Indian brides starting adorning floral kaleeras on their mehendi ceremonies but soon it spread like a rage. Indian brides do not shy away from donning this striking accessory on their wedding day, Here are a few brides who stood out in floral kaleeras:


Floral Art

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Isn't she looking just gorgeous with her white floral kaleeras contrasting her red bridal attire! Indian Wedding Site loves! 

floral - prune

Kaleers by PRUNE

floral kaleera


2. We are also fans of floral kaleeras with a twist. FLORAL kaleeras with ghunghroos and different charms are also going to be in vogue in 2020.

floral with ghunghroo

3. We want to give REAL FLOWER kaleeras a different category as the trend has lately picked up. More and more brides are nowadays opting for this one!

real roses - Baadal Raja Company

Photography - Baadal Raja Company

Here the bride's MOGRA flower kaleeras are absolutely stealing the show and how!



4. PRETTY Chandelier kaleeras
with lots of charms customized according to the Indian bride's taste.  

beabhikha - chandelier

Kaleeras by Beabhikha


5. Not just CHARMS, chandelier kaleeras with TASSLES look equally pretty!

chandelier kaleera with tassles

Kaleeras by Abhika Creations Almost Precious

6. What a fun combo of traditional and contemporary. We love this Indian bride's COCONUT kaleeras. 

COCONUT- Achromic

7. DOLI KALEERAS are trending and how! It would be the safest pick for 2020 brides for sure!




palki kaleeras

8. You can go for JEWELLED CAP kaleeras with eyes closed in 2020. 

jewelled cap kaleera

9. FANCY meenakari kaleere BY The CAGE STORY

meenakari kaleere- the cage story

10. PRONOUNCE your LOVE to the world by customizing kaleeras with NAME or INITIALS of your husband-to-be.

name kaleeras

kaleeras with names

11. Morning wedding or BEACH wedding? There couldn't be a better choice than SEASHELL KALEERAS for the Indian brides.

OUTHOUSE - seashells

Kaleeras by OUTHOUSE

shells - David Bastianoni

David Bastianoni

12. TRENDY PEARL KALEERAS for Indian brides

pearl kaleera


13. A rather OFFBEAT pick but kaleeras with TASSLES are so cute..

tassle - om sons bridal store

Photography - Knots by AMP

14. AS free as a bird. Indian brides essentially love birds on their kaleeras and that makes this trend a big hit this year.


15. BELL kaleeras with a touch of SILVER 


These 15 bridal kaleera trends are going to rule in 2020.

indian brides kaleera

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