How to Make Sure Your Indian Wedding Isn’t Boring

Have you ever sat through hours of a wedding wondering when it will all be over? Have you copiously snacked on starters just to keep yourself busy? Have you sneakily snuck away to a quiet corner to avoid being seen by your relatives If you have answered any of these affirmatively, you’ve probably been to a really boring, too traditional to love, Indian wedding. While social media, personalisation, and the availability of microscopic services for your wedding have certainly revolutionised the Indian wedding scene, there might just be one too many faux pas that you need to avoid to make sure your wedding isn’t a boring one! Check out our top hacks on making sure that your wedding isn’t one to bore the living lights out of your guests!

the royal affair

The Royal Affair

1. Plan Your Events Well

Behind every successful event is hours and hours of planning, and relegating smaller tasks to your family and friends willing to help out. So make sure you have a set list of ideas in place and you know exactly how you want to implement them. It might be a good idea to discuss with your partner, since these events involve his family as well. Once you know what events suit you, try and get inspiration from the net- there’s a fair chance couples in the past would have played around with some of your ideas.


2. Pay Attention to the DJ!

One of the biggest bummers at a wedding is when everyone gets cozy enough to shake a leg, and the DJ times out! Make sure you opt for a deal with the DJ where you can have longer nights of music. Pay rates by the hour are often the most attractive and budget-friendly, so opt for those instead of set packages. Trust us, nothing sucks more than a dance floor and moderately drunk relatives with nobody to play for them!

3. Involve Family in the Games!

Now, let’s not mince words here- your wedding is yours entirely, and nobody can steal your thunder from you. But it just so happens that sometimes, your guests might feel left out when you are involved in the festivities and games. It might be a good idea to plan some icebreakers for your families and friends. Some good old charades never fail- but you could also opt for something more unique, like games for couples where you can pair up your uncles and aunties. Trust us, this is one thing that’s going to leave you all aching with laughter!

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4. Keep the Food Coming!

Another good idea might be to experiment with the kind of food you’re serving. This is one element that requires a lot of attention at any wedding- it's perhaps the most often and distinctly remembered memories of your wedding. If you aren’t sure what tastes you want to cater to, try shaking things up with food fusions that’ll leave your taste buds dancing. It might be wise to consult food specialists before narrowing down on some choices!

food - the wedding salad 

Your Indian wedding should be all about fun and enjoyment not just for you but your guests. Here are some ways to make sure your wedding isn't a boring affair.

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