TN Hindu Nepali Wedding - Sraddha & Harmit II

Sraddha and Harmit did a marvelous job of transforming the Downtown Nashville Sheraton into a space that could accommodate a Sikh wedding, Hindu wedding and an Indian reception. A key factor in maximizing your decor budget is to use the same stage framework for all three events, as this couple did. Working alongside Natasha Decor, they were able to design a structure that would work all day, with slight modifications for each event. Love this idea!

So with a quick outfit change and mandap setup, Sraddha and Harmit were on their way to their Nepali Hindu wedding! Oh, and by the way, I'm dying over this long sleeved sari blouse. So pretty!

I love how Phindy Studios captured all the important shots, as well as the candid details. That's exactly the mix you should be looking for when browsing photographers' portfolios for your own wedding.

We'll be back tomorrow with more gorgeous photos from this Punjabi and Nepali wedding!

Wedding Professionals: Photography - Phindy Studios / Cinematography - Catchlight Cinema / Venue - Downtown Nashville Sheraton / Décor - Natasha Décor / Florist - Jerry Hankins / Catering - Sitar Restaurant / DJ - Sahil K / Cake - Covered with Icing

TN Hindu Nepali Wedding - Sraddha & Harmit II

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