TN Hindu Nepali Wedding by COMPLETE Music.Video.Photo - 1

Today we have the wedding pictures from Munmun and Gautam's Nepali wedding shot by COMPLETE Music.Video.Photo. Munmun made the most beautiful bride. From her gold printed red sari, the chain that wrapped around her waist, churrahs and anklet, and finally her AH-MAZING gold necklaces, earrings, and matha patti, it's no wonder Gautam called her "absolutely stunning!" Gautam was dressed head to toe in a traditional Daura Suruwal with matching dhaka topi and patuka.

I adore the image COMPLETE Music.Video.Photo captured during the couple's Hindu Nepali ceremony surrounded by friends and family with colorful flowers hanging all around them. This image is so beautiful and peaceful that it really sums up the essence of any wedding ceremony.

Stay tuned after the images ... Munmun shares how Gautam proposed!


"So Gautam was planning to propose the next day - a traditional proposal over dinner. He ended up proposing a day earlier just because he just found the right moment with the right emotions. It was in the evening and I was not even supposed to come over but wanted to surprise him since we had not seen each other for a few days. We were just sitting and talking and after about an hour he just slipped the ring in my finger and asked me to marry him! My only complaint – 'What took you so long!'"

Tennessee Indian Wedding Vendors: Photography – COMPLETE Music.Video.Photo / Venue - Sri Ganesha Temple, Embassy Suites Nashville- South/Cool Springs / Decor - Natasha Décor / Catering - Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, Sitar Indian Cuisine/ Shoes - Jimmy Choo


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