Sydney Australia Indian Wedding by Southern Light Photography

Today we're transporting to the land down under at one of the most beautiful venues of all time, The Sydney Opera House in Australia and Southern Light Photography was there to capture it in all its glory! Our bride and groom, Priyanka and Tejas, looked absolutely amazing at all of their wedding events. I particularly love the dark printed sherwani Tejas wore to his Sangeet and his little ukulele made the best accessory!

Throughout the post Priyanka shares fun tidbits about how her and Tejas met along with how their wedding day came to be!

3a indian wedding groom ukulele 4a indian wedding sangeet 7a indian wedding sangeet dance
"A boy born in London and raised in Florida, a girl from Australia, faithfully crossed paths in New York at the right time – two people from opposite ends of the world ended up together, because fate would have it no other way. We met in New York and started dating on New Years Eve. It was a dream come true for this Australian girl, to have met her Prince Charming in the city she adored the most."

8a indian wedding bride 10a indian wedding bridal look 13a indian wedding pink sari and crown 14a indian wedding bridesmaids 16a indian wedding groomsmen 18a indian wedding baraat 19a indian wedding baraat
"My favorite part of the wedding was when I was brought into the mandap on a palki, and as I sat down around the fire, I saw the look on my family and Tejas’ face! Their faces were lit up with love and I was overwhelmed with tears of happiness. At that time the pandit started chanting the Sanskrit wedding vows, and as I looked up into the fire, my life felt complete. I was about to start a new chapter of my life with Tejas, and I couldn’t wait for the rest of our lives to begin."

22a indian wedding bridal entrance 23a indian wedding bride 24a indian wedding bride and groom 26a indian wedding ceremony 29a indian wedding bride
"It was a warm August evening, and Tejas took me out on an iconic New York evening. He had organized a horse and carriage ride to take us through Central Park. As we approached the famous fountain in the park, I could hear the sweet melodies of a saxophone playing. He got down on one knee and proposed to me with the New York skyline witnessing our love story."

31a indian wedding portrait sydney 32a indian wedding outdoor portrait

This shot is so beautiful. Southern Light Photography did such a great job including the iconic backdrops into Priyanka and Tejas's portrait session without overshadowing the couple!

34a indian wedding mural portrait 36a indian wedding outdoor portrait
"My parents had booked the Sydney Opera house for my wedding as a surprise to me. It had been my dream to get married there since I was 3 years old. The wedding day came like a whirlwind! The entire day felt like one big dream! I felt like I was floating on clouds the entire day."

38a indian wedding bridal lengha 39a indian wedding bridal lengha 41a indian wedding centerpieces 42a indian wedding cake

I am gasping at this cake! I love how it looks like there is a dupatta streaming down the tiers - gorgeous!! Also can we pause for a moment to admire how Priyanka and Tejas literally look like they were floating on clouds for their first dance? Such a cute touch!

45a indian wedding dances 46a indian wedding dance 47a indian wedding first dance 48a indian wedding dancing

Thank you so much to Southern Light Photography as well as Priyanka and Tejas for sharing their special day with us!

Make sure to head on over to the photo gallery to see all of the images from today's wedding!


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