A Breathtaking Sikh Indian Wedding That WOWS By Deo Studios Photography

Today’s glamorous Sikh wedding on Indian Wedding Site has lots of style lessons to get inspired from. Totally crushing over the morning wedding shot by Deo Studios Photography, which is a classic proof that the most gorgeous affairs are the ones that are elegant, classic and tasteful. Love the ethereal peach lehenga worn by Remina, her matching kaliras, the perfect bun hairstyle on reception that’s vintage yet so modern, and the dark lipstick on both the occasions. Bhavjit’s outfits are as regal as Remina’s. The grandiose of the bride’s couture is balanced by the intricate and well matched sherwani donned by the groom.




Gorgeous bride

Loving MomentsAn intimate moment shared between the bride and her kins- this photo captures the fleeting essence of the relationship in the backdrop of an emerald haze. A parent’s unconditional concern for their child stands out evidently.

Beautiful Bride


Bridal Entry

Handsome Groom

Bride and Groom

The baroque fineness of Bhavjit’s outfit highlights the painstaking attention to detail that is the focus of the wedding. He compliments Remina's enthralling outfit with his own opulent string of emeralds- a fine match indeed.

Sikh Wedding





A stunning job done by the photography team here as all the pictures look nothing less than gorgeous. Trees mirrored in the backdrop make the picture even more lively.




Indian wedding


in love

A striking and sharp photo that accentuates a different side of the couple. The groom looks dapper as he carries off his unusual suit, while the bride looks ready to grace the red carpet with this sensational look. The fiery red leaves an onlooker looking on for more of the bodacious couple.





TogethernessEverything about this photo of a sexy metropolitan couple- well groomed, confident, and a perfect match. The slightly jazzy groom and the vivacious, sexy bride, whose posture speaks volumes about their relationship- secure but ambitious.

Cute couple


Dapper Groom

hand in hand

Indian Wedding Vendors: Pre-Party Venue: Crown Palace Banquet Hall/ Maiyaan / Jago Party Venue: Royal King Palace/ Day-After Dinner Party Venue: Ultimate Banquet Hall/ Wedding Venue: Gurdwara York Center/ Reception Venue: Aria Banquet Hall/ Wedding day Attire Bride & Groom: Custom made in New Delhi, India/ Grooms reception attire: Tom Ford/ Bride’s reception attire: Custom made pearl & swarovski embroidery gown from Well Groomed Inc/ Hair & Make up: Wedding & Reception look: Pink Orchid Studios Team 1 (Harp & Shannon) , Pre-party look: Pristine Allure Studios (Kiran Atwal)/ Photographer: Deo Studios Photography/ Videographer: Studio 101/ Wedding Decorator: Raymon’s Décor & Delta Wedding Centre/ Florist: South-Van Market/ Cake: JustCakesBC/ Transportation: Royalty Chauffeurs, Sea to Sky Exotic, Luxury Life Limousines/ Entertainment (DJ & Performances): Aftershock Roadshow (Reception), A-Borg, Van City Bhangra, X-Fusion Roadshow (Pre-Party)/ Wedding Brass Band & Jago singers: Surya Studios/ Horse: Baraat Wedding Horses/ Turban: Turban Tying Surrey/ Catering: Dhaliwal Banquet Hall, Spice Kings/ Tents: D&H Tent House

This sikh Indian wedding by Deo Studios Photography is all about regal outfits, picturesque backgrounds and great photography.


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