Indian Wedding Planning Tips from Day One

With your Indian wedding happening comes the confounding clouds of managing wedding expenses. Relax, take a deep breath! It is alright to get carried away by the perplexities of managing the expenses as it is one of the major and memorable days of one’s life where everything has to be better than the best. We know you may be finding it difficult to digest, but here flows the stream of practical solution so that every penny spent by you is effectively utilised.

1. Let’s Do the Budgeting

Yeah, it is agreed that the word budgeting propagates a tedious vibe, but let’s welcome this pain so that the aftermath becomes a perfection and the memories of it are cherished for ages. The best way to accomplish this essential task is by taking help or advice of people who have experience in planning - the ones who are good at managing expenses (Cue: your parents). Keep it limited according to the size of your pocket and save yourself from that tempting extravaganza. 

First, set your budget. See if your budget allows you can host your sangeet and mehendi function outdoors. You can even think of hosting a destination wedding such that all the functions are done in a go. Or, if you want to cut down the budget, simply host smaller Indian wedding functions at your home. DIY sangeet decor looks cute. You can check Pinterest for hundreds of ideas

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2. Avoid Weekends When Possible

You may get suggestion from many on getting married in no-wedding season to save expenses. It is correct but may not work for many. As in India, especially a Hindus marriage is a pious sacrament which is based upon certain customs and rituals. So, the practicality lies in keeping in mind the days while choosing your D-day’s date. As planning it during the weekends is no different than spending your earn in an auction game, where your set budget will definitely deviate and show a different statistic.

3. Connections Work

Don’t hesitate to ask your friend for helping you out in fixing that venue, DJ, caterer, photographer, etc. in a deal price if the person to be contacted is your friend’s friend’s brother or any distant relative or even acquaintances. You will never realize the advantageous mechanism of these connections play until you try your hand at it.

4. Shedding Too Many Venues

The film industry has been the major influencer for it. Yes, it sounds astonishing when different functions of the occasion are set in distinct places but when reality hits hard, the flimsy expectation evaporates. You can save a lot of money by choosing one venue while spending more on the decoration.

Moreover, it will get confusing and tiresome for the attendees from other places who will have a difficult time in reaching the venue.



5. The Power of Off- Season Shopping

It may sound unattractive and non-preferable to shop in off-season but believe us, you will get the best of things during that time. You can save a significant amount because of the big discounts offered everywhere. The other add-on is, you will be catered well by the shopkeepers unlike the ignorance you might be likely to face during the hyped Indian wedding season.

6. Direct Proportionality between the Attendees and Food on the Plate

It has been evident that much food is wasted in weddings and with that is wasted a lot of money. So, while giving the order to your caterer, don’t become that open-hearted being driven irrationality. Balancing these proportions will add to the credibility of you being a good host. 

7. Don't Make your Wedding all about FLOWERS

Don't go overboard with the use of flowers for your Indian wedding. In fact talk to your decorator and communicate the kind of theme you have on your mind. Ask him to work on the budget you have on mind. Some wedding venues can provide you recommendations to florists they have worked with before. This will make a huge difference to your Indian wedding budget. 


8. Keep Record of Everything

From Day-1 keep a journal handy and record everything. You can also maintain a spreadsheet to keep check on your spendings. And if you aren't the laptop or journal sort of bride, just open the NOTES on your phone and start scribbling about your spendings. 

9. Bridal Lehenga

If you really want to save some money and keep your budget in check, think twice before investing in your bridal couture. You can wear a non-designer lehenga maharanis and to tell you the truth there are many local designers who are pretty much acing the bridal couture game, and their designer lehengas wouldn't hurt your pocket as well. So think twice! 

wedding documentary

Wedding Documentary

10. Save on Photography

Instead of having two wedding photographers, the bride and groom can agree on sourcing photography work from one good photographer. Also, for the smaller family functions you can ask your friends or relatives who are good at photography to take some pictures. Keep the professional one reserved for the wedding day. 

Do you have more suggestions on how you can save money on your Indian wedding? Do share with us!

Here in 10 steps we help you know how you can plan your Indian wedding and control your budget from Day one.

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