Colour Coordinating Hacks - Ways To Match Your Outfit With The Groom!

If you’re a to - be bride, you need no introduction to the pressure of looking your svelte, sharp best on your big day. It’s the day you know you’ll remember for years to come, which is why looking good doesn’t matter as much as looking good together does. Yep, we’re trespassing that treacherous area of color coordinated wedding outfits for the bride and groom- an area much feared for the many faux pas it has contributed to in the history of weddings.

But color coordinating outfits is really not that big a deal, you say? Well, think again. The intricate zari embroidery on your dupatta and that on his nehru jacket could make all the difference between making you look either like you’re walking the ramp as a power couple, or that you’re dressed up like Looney Tunes on a costume show.

So if you’re planning to look good together on your big day, take note. There is an extra mile you both must traverse to make sure your outfits add the missing glitz in the other’s, but it can be an easy journey with these five easy hacks!

1. Dusty Pink

Dusty pink is a safe bet (yes, guaranteed!) when it comes to color coordinating. This look is our absolute favourite for weddings that happen during the day- the pink really makes you shine, but with pastels creating a storm these days, we dare you to don the luxe colour at night!

pink - stories by pooja joseph

Photograph by Stories by Pooja Joseph

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2. Go Gold

South Indian weddings have it slightly easier when it comes to colour coordinating, since cream and gold are two colours that dominate wedding trousseaus. Not just that, for when who wish to wear a lungi, the cream with a gold border is a classic. Opt for silks for a richer look, and brides, don’t forget that gorgeous gajra on your hair!

gold - cupcake productions

Photograph by Cupcake Productions

3. Bottoms Up

This one’s for men who feel slightly geeky wearing bright colours, and for their counterparts who love the vivids! Try and match just the pants with the bride’s outfit- it needn’t be too bright, though. For a heavy white choli worn by the bride, for example, the groom can don a pair of straight white pants. Easy peasy!

 Sam & Ekta – Sonder Frames (bottoms)

Photograph by Sam & Ekta – Sonder Frames

4. Mirror Image

If color coordinating is really your thing, we suggest you try this- opt for the exact same colours when deciding your outfits. Of course, a minute difference is alright (in fact, it might even look good) but on the whole, keep it simple.

mirror image

5. Accessorize It Right

If your man isn’t big on colours, try this: get him to accessorize with a matched colour. This could be a pocket square or his tie. A small accessory can go a long way in making you look like you belong with each other on the big day!

accessorize well - Dreamz Photography

Photograph by Dreamz Photography

wedding nama - pocket square

Photograph by Wedding Nama

6. Match The Safa/Stole With Bride's Dress

 While the bride would love to opt for a colorful ensemble- be it a lehenga or saree, the groom can take it up a notch by wearing a pagri of the same colour.

safa and stole - ramit batra

Photograph by Ramit Batra

safa and stole 2- dotdusk

Photograph by Dotdusk Studios

7. Wear Contrasts

If you don't want to wear same colour on the big day, you can opt for contrasts with a little details of bride's lehenga in the groom's outfit. Like if the bride is wearing baby pink, groom can wear emerald green. Or bride can opt for purple and groom can go for lilliac. 

dotdusk - contrast

Photograph by Dotdusk Studios

8. Match The Choli with Sherwani

A rather unusual way to style your outfits and colour coordinate them is by matching your choli's colour with that of the groom's sherwani. Isn't it cool?

match the top - MeewMeew Studios

Photograph by MeewMeew Studios

9. Role Reversal

The biggest trend this 2017 is going to be the brides in ink blue and grooms in pink. This role reversal of sorts is the awesome-st thing we have seen this wedding season! 

role reversal - Abigail Steed Photography

Photograph by Abigail Steed Photography 

You need to see these colour coordinating hacks to stand apart in your wedding.


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