Stress Relievers for To Be Brides (And Grooms!)

If you're next in line to get married, we can probably guess you’re feeling the heat right now. Whether you are a few months away, or a few weeks, (or even a couple of days away!), you’re going to be loaded with a hundred things on your mind, keeping your thoughts occupied and feet on the job all day.

While a little stress is absolutely alright, and might in fact even help you tackle tasks efficiently, too much stress can strain your mental, emotional and physical well being, leaving you a cranky mess with breakouts on your wedding day.

Our advice? Take it easy! Allocate work to friends and family, when you can, and try to take some time off for yourself each day- even a meagre five minute break will do the trick. Apart from that, if you’re feeling stressed out, try these simple tips and tricks that work just as good as any other stressbusters you may otherwise follow!

1. Yoga and Meditation

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t wake up to a few minutes of peace and calm every day. Try to meditate for a while just after you wake, starting from five minutes and taking it up a notch as per your discretion. Meditation will make you feel lighter and calmer, adding balance to your decisions. Yoga, on the other hand, will surely waken you up and make you feel ready to conquer the narrow galis of ethnic wear!


Photograph by Wedding Nama

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2. Run

If you’re not the yoga kind, try going for a run early in the morning. Contrary to popular belief, vigorous exercise is actually a wonderful stressbuster as it gets the blood flowing in your body and leaves you feeling refreshed. That early morning run will also give you time to think alone, away from the hustle bustle you’ll constantly be surrounded by.

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3. Spa Treatment

This should be every bride’s and groom's go to guilty pleasure! A nice spa massage followed by a steamy shower is the best therapy. Go for one once a week, if you feel the pressure’s too much to sustain.

 Candid Wedding Stories spa

Photograph by Candid Wedding Stories

4. Eat it Right

Food constitutes a major chunk of the mood hormones, which regulate how we feel through the day. Try to keep it clean, with adequate portions of fresh fruit and vegetables. Soups and salads aside, however, do go in for a guilty treat just once in a few weeks, to keep the cravings at bay!


5. Hydrate

This one cannot be stressed enough! Drink a minimum of three litres of water a day- it’ll show on your skin and your mood. Sip the stress away and if you are one of those who forgets to drink water, you might also install an app in your iphone for reminding you from time to time. 

Shutterdown - Lakshya Chawla

Shutterdown - Lakshya Chawla

6. Sleep

Again, one we needn’t have to spell it out. Sleep like a baby at night- it’ll regenerate your cells and make you glow. Of course have fun like your friends and relatives do - but don't compromise on your beauty sleep!

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Photograph by Camera Crew

7. Take Time Out

Take some time out, sit back and relax, and talk to your friends and family! If you feel the pressure’s too much, hire a wedding planner. Go on lunch dates and coffee meets with your besties- it really helps.  

take out time - wedding nama

Photograph by Wedding Nama

8. Petting Your Dogs

Stroking your pet can prove calming. You can go for a short walk or play around to relieve stress.

dogs wedding nama

Photograph by Wedding Nama

Calm yourself down before the wedding day by following these tips.

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