Unique Ways To Get Your Wedding Lehenga Clicked

Brides these days have dumped the traditional saree for a serious love affair with lehengas- and why not? They’re peppy, bright and fun to wear! There’s also a certain ease and simplicity with which lehengas can be worn. Then there’s the fact that they look young and can make anyone look like a goddess- you get the drift, right?

And when lehengas have caught up with the madness that is a wedding, lehenga photography (yes, we totally just made that up) can’t be far behind. From coy clicks in open lawns to flamboyant displays in the dressing rooms, there’s something irresistible about getting the flare of a lehenga captured in perfection.

Not only does it foreshadow a euphoric ceremony, it also gives you memories for years to come. And whether it’s a top notch professional you’ve hired or a cousin who’s doing the favour, these are some poses for when you want your lehenga to be on full display- and we mean that literally!

1. On a Boat by the Beachside

boat by the beach - coolbluez

Photograph by Coolbluez 

2. With Crystal Hangings and Floral Setup as the Background

cupcake productions

Photograph by Cupcake Productions

3. In the House Veranda

in house veranda - our wedding chapter

Photograph by Our Wedding Chapter

4. Hung from the Tree

tree - coolbluez

Photograph by Coolbluez 

5. Against a Bright Colored Wall

against a bright color wall  with an aunty checking - the wedding salad

Photograph by  The Wedding Salad

6. On a Hotel Baggage Cart

hotel trolley - our wedding chapter

Photograph by Our Wedding Chapter

7. Hotel's Entrancehotel entrance - rohan mishra photography

Photograph by Rohan Mishra Photography

8. With the Chill Bride


Photograph by Wedding Nama

9. Against a Window

 Lahza Photography

10. With a Mirror or Dressing Table

dresser - Photosynthesis by Aditi

Photograph by Photosynthesis by Aditi

11. The Bride holding it

Girl in Pink Photography

Photograph by Girl in Pink

12. Against the Fairylights

Happyframes Photography

Photograph by Happyframes Photography

13. On the Bed

Stories by Joseph Radhik

Photograph by Stories by Joseph Radhik

14. Against a Door or Gate

Let’s Get Wed against a door or gate

Photograph by Let’s Get Wed

15. Hung between the Curtains

between the curtains- A Fist Full of Bolts

Photograph by A Fist Full of Bolts

These are some poses for when you want your lehenga to be on full display- and we mean that literally!

Happyframes Photography

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