Shaadi Showcase Would Be Waiting For You

Dream Shaadi is back and how! The elite company caters to couples about to get hitched soon by bringing together vendors from across the country, who are specialists in their trade. So whether it is a henna artist you are looking for, or a band wala- Dream Shaadi has your back! Make sure you register yourself for the showcase that's taking place on 5th March at Marriott Westfields, Chantilly. 

And this time around, its seasonal Shaadi Showcase is creating ripples across not just Washington, but beyond. The exhibition is a grand extravaganza that brings together vendors from fields as diverse as cuisine and flower arrangers to give you the happiest wedding planning experience. Shaadi Showcase is a one-of-its-kind expo, known for its lively ambience and the never ending caterers displaying their finest art and craft. Register now for a terrific pre wedding experience! 

Here's a quick recap of Shaadi Showcase 2016:






Shaadi Showcase 2017 is just around the corner and we hope you have registered already!


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